Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lots of varied fantasy goodness tonight

On tonight's installment of THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on (9-11 PM EDT), we break down information from all corners of the fantasy sports world:

9 PM: We examine fantasy baseball headlines, including the Twins' recall of prized prospect Kevin Slowey, the 2007 debut of the Rocket on Monday, the pending Jon Lester return, the return to domination of Oliver Perez and much more.

9:25 PM: Our fantasy football coverage picks up steam with our first look at our standard deviation from the mean statistic for '07 -- the heart of our coverage.

9:55 PM: Kobe may be on the move in the NBA next year: where might he go and how might he affect the fantasy hoops landscape? We have a lengthy list of scenarios.

10:25 PM: We look at team-by-team needs for lottery teams in the 2007 NBA Draft.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The fastest paced two hours each week on STC!

Tonight we bring you the latest installment of THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on (9-11 PM EDT each and every Thursday night) with our usual assortment of fantasy sports content all across the spectrum:

9 PM: We preview this weekend's Indy 500 with some thoughts on how you could enjoy it from a fantasy perspective (hint -- an Indy 500 fantasy league!).

9:25 PM: It's a staple of our program during baseball season: Buy Low, Sell High -- and we've got many more candidates for you.

10:00 PM: The NBA Draft has been locked in place with the events of Tuesday night's draft lottery. What does the landscape look like aside from the gimmes of the top two picks? Who are the top fantasy aces for 2007-2008? We're on the story.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

FDH Lounge Show #7: May 20, 2007

On tonight's eighth episode of The Great American Radio Show on Internet TV, THE FDH LOUNGE (available only on from 8-11 PM EDT), we bring you more of the variety we have made our staple through our first seven programs.

In our first hour, after we hear the Opening Statements from The Dignitaries of The FDH Lounge, we will examine the horrible bill that Congress and President Bush are trying to ram down our throats that would award amnesty to illegal aliens. Say goodbye to America as we know it! Also, the Fred Thompson-Michael Moore feud escalated this week with Thompson's memorable in-your-face web video. Is the hapless Moore Thompson's stepping stool to the presidency?

In hour two, it's time to review the movie that changed Hollywood 30 years ago this week, the original Star Wars flick. This movie almost singlehandedly created the summer blockbuster era. Are we better or worse off for the changes that Star Wars and its imitators have made to our movies? Then, we review the new albums from Rush and Linkin Park. Warning: we are not happy! From there, we tackle a completely original topic: is there such a thing as sexual bigotry? Terry Moran from ABC News made the completely asinine take the the Duke lacrosse players are bad guys because they requested at least one white stripper. Are people bigots because they may not be attracted to all types or races?

In hour three, we look at 10 years of interleague play in baseball. Along with three divisions and the wild card, it's changed the game completely -- but for the better or the worse? Then we interview a great sports blogger, Zach Landres-Schnur from The Big Picture.

As usual, we invite your phone calls and emails to the program. We are very interactive, and as such, two of tonight's segments were developed by suggestions from callers or emailers. Tune in to the only show anywhere where nothing is off-topic, THE FDH LOUNGE!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Your Preakness Win, Place and Show

We got the Kentucky Derby winner right for you, so here goes:

WIN: Street Sense
PLACE: Curlin
SHOW: Xchanger

Are we looking at the Affirmed and Alydar of this generation? We'll have a better idea before the sun sets in the East tonight.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Various fantasy fun tonight!

We've got the usual assortment of fantasy sports fun coming your way tonight on THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on (9-11 PM EDT):

9 PM: We start the proceedings with a preview of Saturday's Preakness race. Remember that we delivered a Triple Crown draft on our May 3 program, with details on how to conduct such a league here. While we won't be doing a draft just for the Preakness, we'll set the stage for Saturday's race and give you some tips should you be looking to put together a league just for the race.

9:25 PM: We'll deliver another of our "Buy Low, Sell High" segments that we bring you during baseball season -- with an extra dose of "Brian Giles" candidates (breakout season) and "Vin Baker" candidates (bad start that never gets better).

10:15 PM: With new commissioner Roger Goodell's law-and-order campaign very much in the headlines, we'll look at how off-the-field news involving Michael Vick and Steve McNair will work against their fantasy value. Plus, still-percolating news involving Keyshawn Johnson, Brett Favre and others.

10:40 PM: Our first look at the 2007 NBA Draft.

Join us tonight at 9 PM EDT for all of the fantasy sports fun.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

FDH Insider tonight and NFL Draft grades

EDITED TO INCLUDE NFL DRAFT GRADES: These are our grades for each NFL team from Draft Weekend 2007. Grades reflect the totality of moves made involving the 2007 Draft (i.e. acquisitions of Matt Schaub, Randy Moss, etc.) and extra draft picks being acquired for present and future drafts (i.e. Dallas' moves):

A+: none
A: Carolina, New England
A-: none
B+: Atlanta, Buffalo, Minnesota, Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco, Tampa Bay
B: Cleveland, Dallas, Indianapolis, Kansas City
B-: Houston, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Pittsburgh
C+: Arizona, Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, New York Giants, St. Louis
C: Denver, New York Jets, Seattle
C-: Philadelphia, Tennessee
D+: Miami, Washington
D: Green Bay
D-: none
F: none

Tonight, on the FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER (9-11 PM EDT on, we bring you a wide cross-section of FDH programming:

9:00 PM: In honor of this movie becoming the highest-grossing first-weekend flick of all time, we bring you an encore presentation of our Spiderman 3 review and breakdown from last Sunday night's FDH LOUNGE. Is it worth seeing? We'll tell you. Don't worry, no spoilers!

9:30 PM: We'll take a look at top-level baseball prospects who are making their debuts. Some of baseball's finest high-ceiling prospects have come up this season, many earlier than expected. What are they likely to do? We'll examine.

9:55 PM: We transition our months-long NFL Draft breakdown to the ways that it altered the 2007 fantasy football landscape. Which offenses gained the most? Which ones dropped the ball on opportunities to improve? And lastly, who are the top fantasy rookies for the 2007 season?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

FDH Lounge Show #7: May 6, 2007

EDIT: Program hours are 8-11 PM EDT. How could we forget?

We've got another loaded FDH LOUNGE program for you tonight on as we traverse the worlds of sports, politics, celebrities and beyond:

HOUR ONE: "Opening Statements" from the Dignitaries, the debut of our "Conspiracy Theory" segment (tonight: how MLB rigged the Great Home Run Chase of '98) and the start of our "Lounge News Nuggets" segment.

HOUR TWO: More "Lounge News Nuggets" as we tackle a multiplicity of topics beginning towards the end of Hour One (Imus' lawsuit against CBS, Paris Hilton goes to the hole, Ring of Honor's pay-per-view deal, the International Herald Tribune runs an advertisement from the government of Iran for help with its nuclear facilities, John McCain's stumbles in the Republican presidential debate and the Cleveland Indians become perhaps the first team in baseball history to lose a game when their opponents are retroactively awarded a run. Plus, we review Spiderman 3 with very clear thoughts on whether or not it is worth your money.

HOUR THREE: We conclude the Spiderman 3 segment before delivering a comprehensive review of the NFL Draft and then a look back at yesterday's huge events in the world of sports (Street Sense's historic Kentucky Derby win and the closer-than-expected megafight in Vegas between Mayweather and De La Hoya).

Join us tonight, and as usual, we're happy to hear from our Lounge Lizards in the audience via our phone lines at (216) 881-9600 or (866) 453-4STC or via email at .

Saturday, May 05, 2007

20 minutes to Post Time at the Kentucky Derby!

Here's the FDH picks:

WIN: Street Sense (hopefully not the favorite at post time; it has gone back and forth between he and Curlin)
PLACE: Scat Daddy
SHOW: Hard Spun

Thursday, May 03, 2007

2007 Triple Crown Draft Guide

First, here's our suggested league guidelines: utilize a system with 4 owners, drafting 3 rounds in a standard serpentine fashion. In each race, points are allocated as follows: 15 points for win, 10 points for show and 5 points for place. Additionally, a horse gains an additional 5 points for winning a second Triple Crown race and an additional 10 points for winning the Triple Crown. If a tiebreaker is needed, it will go by tallying the best collective finishes by all horses in all races.

Now, the draft board:

1. Street Sense
2. Curlin

3. Hard Spun
4. Nobiz Like Shobiz
5. Scat Daddy
6. Circular Quay
7. Great Hunter

8. Any Given Saturday
9. Cowtown Cat
10. Zanjero
11. Tiago
12. Stormello

More great fantasy fun on a Thursday night

Tonight's edition of THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on (9-11 PM EDT) has a little bit of everything, much as one would expect:

9 PM: We'll take a look at the greatest, newest element to hit fantasy sports (and sports fans in general) in quite some time. Wait, is that a link to an FDH page?

9:25 PM: Fantasy baseball headlines: specifically, we'll look at some of baseball's great young guns who are currently battling injuries.

9:40 PM: It's our annual Triple Crown fantasy draft! This game is a must-play for anyone watching the Derby on Saturday and the subsequent races.

10:15 PM: NFL Draft recap with FDH's Rick Morris and Jason Jones.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

NFL Draft Rounds 4-7

1100Oakland Bush, MichaelRB6-3253Louisville
2101Jacksonville (from Detroit through Baltimore) Podlesh, AdamP5-11202Maryland
3102Minnesota (from Tampa Bay) Robison, BrianDE6-2266Texas
4103Dallas (from Cleveland) Stanback, IsaiahQB6-2216Washington
5104San Francisco (from Washington) Moore, JayDE6-5276Nebraska
6105Detroit (from Arizona through Oakland) Davis, A.J.CB5-10192North Carolina State
7106Tampa Bay (from Minnesota) Jackson, TanardCB6-0192Syracuse
8107New Orleans (from Houston) Pittman, AntonioRB5-11195Ohio State
9108Miami Soliai, PaulDT6-4334Utah
10109Atlanta Nicholas, StephenOLB6-1232South Florida
11110Oakland (from San Francisco through New England) Bowie, JohnCB5-11188Cincinnati
12111Buffalo Wright, DwayneRB5-11226Fresno State
13112Pittsburgh (from Green Bay) Sepulveda, DanielP6-3229Baylor
14113Jacksonville Smith, BrianDE6-3239Missouri
15114Cincinnati White, MarvinFS6-1199Texas Christian
16115Tennessee Harris, LeroyC6-2298North Carolina State
17116N.Y. Giants DeOssie, ZakOLB6-5250Brown
18117Detroit (from St. Louis) Ramirez, ManuelG6-3335Texas Tech
19118Carolina Robinson, RyneWR5-8178Miami (Ohio)
20119Green Bay (from Pittsburgh) Barbre, AllenOT6-4300Missouri Southern State
21120Seattle Atkins, BarakaDE6-4278Miami (Fla.)
22121Denver (from Denver through Atlanta and Minnesota) Thomas, MarcusDT6-3296Florida
23122Dallas Free, DougOT6-7318Northern Illinois
24123Houston (from Kansas City through New Orleans) Bennett, FredCB6-1195South Carolina
25124Seattle (from N.Y. Jets through San Francisco) Wrotto, MansfieldG6-3316Georgia Tech
26125New Orleans (from Philadelphia) Bushrod, JermonOT6-4315Towson
27126San Francisco (from New Orleans through Indianapolis) Goldson, DashonFS6-2202Washington
28127New England Brown, KareemDT6-4290Miami (Fla.)
29128Tennessee (from Baltimore) Davis, ChrisWR5-10181Florida State
30129San Diego Chandler, ScottTE6-7257Iowa
31130Chicago Beekman, JoshG6-2321Boston College
32131Indianapolis Condren, BrannonFS6-1208Troy
33132Pittsburgh (Compensatory Selection) McBean, RyanDE6-5290Oklahoma State
34133Atlanta (Compensatory Selection) Milner, MartrezTE6-4256Georgia
35134Baltimore (Compensatory Selection) Barnes, AntwanOLB6-1240Florida International
36135San Francisco (Compensatory Selection) Cohen, JoeDT6-2313Florida
37136Indianapolis (Compensatory Selection) Session, ClintOLB5-11236Pittsburgh
38137Baltimore (Compensatory Selection) McClain, Le'RonFB6-0257Alabama

1138Oakland Richardson, JayDE6-5276Ohio State
2139St. Louis (from Detroit) Fry, DustinC6-2326Clemson
3140Cleveland McDonald, BrandonCB5-11181Memphis
4141Tampa Bay Peterson, GregDE6-5286North Carolina Central
5142Arizona Breaston, SteveWR6-0178Michigan
6143Washington Sartz, DallasOLB6-5235Southern California
7144Houston Harrison, BrandonSS6-2227Stanford
8145New Orleans (from Miami through Detroit) Jones, DavidCB6-0196Wingate
9146Minnesota Allison, AundraeWR6-0202East Carolina
10147San Francisco Brown, TarellCB5-11192Texas
11148Kansas City (from Buffalo through St. Louis) Smith, KolbyRB5-11215Louisville
12149Jacksonville (from Atlanta) Nwaneri, UcheG6-3325Purdue
13150Jacksonville Gattis, JoshFS6-1213Wake Forest
14151Cincinnati Rowe, JeffQB6-5226Nevada
15152Tennessee Johnson, AntonioDT6-3305Mississippi State
16153N.Y. Giants Boss, KevinTE6-6257Western Oregon
17154St. Louis (from St. Louis through Detroit) Ryan, CliftonDT6-3310Michigan State
18155Carolina Rosario, DanteTE6-3244Oregon
19156Pittsburgh Stephenson, CameronG6-3306Rutgers
20157Green Bay Clowney, DavidWR6-0184Virginia Tech
21158Detroit (from Denver) Baldwin, JohnnyOLB6-1232Alabama A&M
22159Philadelphia (from Dallas) Gaddis, C.J.FS6-0210Clemson
23160Kansas City Medlock, JustinK6-0201UCLA
24161Seattle Herring, WillOLB6-2229Auburn
25162Philadelphia Celek, BrentTE6-4261Cincinnati
26163Houston (from New Orleans) Frye, BrandonOT6-4302Virginia Tech
27164Carolina (from N.Y. Jets) Shaw, TimILB6-1237Penn State
28165Oakland (from New England) Frampton, EricSS5-11205Washington State
29166Jacksonville (from Baltimore) Landri, DerekDT6-2277Notre Dame
30167Chicago (from San Diego) Payne, KevinFS6-0216Louisiana-Monroe
31168Chicago Graham, CoreyCB6-0195New Hampshire
32169Indianapolis Hall, RoyWR6-2229Ohio State
33170Pittsburgh (Compensatory Selection) Gay, WilliamCB5-10187Louisville
34171New England (Compensatory Selection) Oldenburg, ClintOT6-6300Colorado State
35172San Diego (Compensatory Selection) Naanee, LegeduWR6-2225Boise State
36173Indianapolis (Compensatory Selection) Coe, MichaelCB6-1190Alabama State
37174Baltimore (Compensatory Selection) Smith, TroyQB6-1213Ohio State

1175Oakland O'Neal, OrenFB6-0244Arkansas State
2176Minnesota (from Detroit through Denver) Alexander, RufusOLB6-1227Oklahoma
3177N.Y. Jets (from Tampa Bay) Bender, JacobOT6-6316Nicholls State
4178Dallas (from Cleveland) Folk, NickK6-1215Arizona
5179Washington Blades, H.B.ILB5-11237Pittsburgh
6180New England (from Arizona) Rogers, JustinOLB6-3262Southern Methodist
7181Miami Mauia, ReaganFB6-0296Hawaii
8182Tampa Bay (from Minnesota) Hayward, AdamOLB6-0235Portland State
9183Houston Studdard, KaseyG6-2307Texas
10184Buffalo Wendling, JohnFS6-1222Wyoming
11185Atlanta Lewis, TreyDT6-3318Washburn
12186San Francisco Clayton, ThomasRB5-10218Kansas State
13187Cincinnati Toeaina, Matt DT6-2307Oregon
14188Tennessee Filani, JoelWR6-2216Texas Tech
15189N.Y. Giants Koets, AdamOT6-5298Oregon State
16190St. Louis Shackleford, KenOT6-5322Georgia
17191Green Bay (from Carolina through N.Y. Jets) Hall, KoreyILB6-0236Boise State
18192Green Bay (from Pittsburgh) Bishop, DesmondILB6-2239California
19193Green Bay Crosby, MasonK6-1214Colorado
20194Atlanta (from Jacksonville) Irons, DavidCB5-10188Auburn
21195Dallas (from Dallas through Cleveland) Anderson, DeonFB5-10236Connecticut
22196Kansas City Taylor, HerbertOT6-4296Texas Christian
23197Seattle Taylor, CourtneyWR6-1209Auburn
24198Atlanta (from Denver through Jacksonville) Datish, DougC6-4302Ohio State
25199Miami (from New Orleans) Mormino, DrewC6-3301Central Michigan
26200Cleveland (from N.Y. Jets through Dallas) Purcell, MelilaDE6-5289Hawaii
27201Philadelphia Barksdale, RashadCB6-0208Albany
28202New England Richardson, MikeCB5-11188Notre Dame
29203Atlanta (from Baltimore through Jacksonville) Stone, DarenSS6-3218Maine
30204Tennessee (from San Diego) Ford, JacobDE6-4249Central Arkansas
31205Washington (from Chicago) Palmer, JordanQB6-6231Texas-El Paso
32206Tennessee (from Indianapolis) Smith, RyanCB5-10168Florida
33207Baltimore (Compensatory Selection) Burgess, PrescottOLB6-3235Michigan
34208New England (Compensatory Selection) Hairston, JustiseRB6-1222Central Connecticut
35209New England (Compensatory Selection) Hilliard, CoreyOT6-5318Oklahoma State
36210Seattle (Compensatory Selection) Kent, JordanWR6-3209Oregon

1211New England (from Oakland) Lua, OscarILB6-1245Southern California
2212Dallas (from Detroit through N.Y. Jets) Brown, CourtneyCB6-1205Cal Poly
3213Cleveland Pittman, ChaseDE6-5273Louisiana State
4214Tampa Bay Denman, ChrisOT6-6315Fresno State
5215Arizona Patrick, BenTE6-4270Delaware
6216Washington Ecker, TylerTE6-6269Michigan
7217Minnesota Thigpen, TylerQB6-2223Coastal Carolina
8218Houston Diles, ZachILB6-0240Kansas State
9219Miami Smith, KelvinILB6-2240Syracuse
10220New Orleans (from Atlanta) Mitchell, MarvinILB6-3249Tennessee
11221Chicago (from San Francisco through Cleveland) McBride, TrumaineCB5-9185Mississippi
12222Buffalo Schouman, DerekFB6-2247Boise State
13223Tennessee Otto, MichaelOT6-5308Purdue
14224N.Y. Giants Johnson, MichaelSS6-3211Arizona
15225Miami (from St. Louis) Fields, BrandonP6-5236Michigan State
16226Carolina Wilson, C.J.CB6-1195Baylor
17227Pittsburgh Baker, DallasWR6-3207Florida
18228Green Bay Wynn, DeShawnRB5-10238Florida
19229Jacksonville Broussard, JohnWR6-1178San Jose State
20230Cincinnati Santucci, DanG6-3296Notre Dame
21231Kansas City Allan, MichaelTE6-6255Whitworth
22232Seattle Vallos, SteveG6-3305Wake Forest
23233Minnesota (from Denver) Williams, ChandlerWR5-11184Florida International
24234Cleveland (from Dallas) Steptoe, SyndricWR5-9194Arizona
25235N.Y. Jets (from N.Y. Jets through Green Bay) Stuckey, ChansiWR5-10185Clemson
26236Philadelphia Ilaoa, NateFB5-8248Hawaii
27237Dallas (from New Orleans) Ball, AlanCB6-1183Illinois
28238Miami (from New England) Wright, AbrahamDE6-2234Colorado
29239Buffalo (from Baltimore) Ah You, C.J.DE6-4274Oklahoma
30240San Diego Siler, BrandonILB6-2238Florida
31241Chicago Brant, AaronOT6-7313Iowa State
32242Indianapolis Dawson, KeyuntaDE6-1272Texas Tech
33243Green Bay (Compensatory Selection) Harris, ClarkTE6-5261Rutgers
34244Atlanta (Compensatory Selection) Snelling, JasonRB5-11232Virginia
35245Tampa Bay (Compensatory Selection) Hamilton, MarcusCB5-11186Virginia
36246Tampa Bay (Compensatory Selection) Darby, KennethRB5-10213Alabama
37247New England (Compensatory Selection) Elgin, MikeG6-3291Iowa
38248St. Louis (Compensatory Selection) Jackson, KeithDT6-0305Arkansas
39249St. Louis (Compensatory Selection) Stanley, DerekWR5-10175Wisconsin-Whitewater
40250N.Y. Giants (Compensatory Selection) Bradshaw, AhmadRB5-9198Marshall
41251Jacksonville (Compensatory Selection) Nkang, ChadILB5-11220Elon
42252Jacksonville (Compensatory Selection) Carnahan, Andrew OT6-7306Arizona State
43253Cincinnati (Compensatory Selection) Ndukwe, NeduSS6-2206Notre Dame
44254Oakland (Compensatory Selection) Holland, JohnathanWR6-0191Louisiana Tech
45255Detroit (Compensatory Selection) Robinson, RamzeeCB5-9184Alabama

As far as draft accuracy, as they say, some years you're the bug and some year's you're the windshield. Last year, bug, this year, windshield. For the mock draft conducted on the FDH INSIDER show by Rick and Jason, three picks were accurate (Oakland, Jacksonville and Denver), while Rick's final mock draft had three picks correct (Oakland, Jacksonville and Denver) and Jason had four to take this year's "bragging rights" (Oakland, Houston, Pittsburgh and Kansas City). Onward and upward!