Sunday, April 29, 2007

NFL Draft recap through three rounds


1Oakland Russell, JaMarcusQB6-6263Louisiana State
22Detroit Johnson, CalvinWR6-4237Georgia Tech
33Cleveland Thomas, JoeOT6-6313Wisconsin
44Tampa Bay Adams, GainesDE6-5260Clemson
55Arizona Brown, LeviOT6-4328Penn State
66Washington Landry, LaRonFS6-2205Louisiana State
77Minnesota Peterson, AdrianRB6-2218Oklahoma
88Atlanta (from Houston) Anderson, JamaalDE6-6279Arkansas
99Miami Ginn Jr., TedWR6-0180Ohio State
1010Houston (from Atlanta) Okoye, AmobiDT6-2287Louisville
1111San Francisco Willis, PatrickILB6-1240Mississippi
1212Buffalo Lynch, MarshawnRB5-11217California
1313St. Louis Carriker, AdamDE6-6292Nebraska
1414N.Y. Jets (from Carolina) Revis, DarrelleCB6-0197Pittsburgh
1515Pittsburgh Timmons, LawrenceOLB6-3232Florida State
1616Green Bay Harrell, JustinDT6-4305Tennessee
1717Denver (from Jacksonville) Moss, JarvisDE6-6251Florida
1818Cincinnati Hall, LeonCB5-11193Michigan
1919Tennessee Griffin, MichaelFS6-0195Texas
2020N.Y. Giants Ross, AaronCB6-1192Texas
2121Jacksonville (from Denver) Nelson, ReggieFS6-0193Florida
2222Cleveland (from Dallas) Quinn, BradyQB6-3226Notre Dame
2323Kansas City Bowe, DwayneWR6-2217Louisiana State
2424New England (from Seattle) Meriweather, BrandonFS5-11192Miami (Fla.)
2525Carolina (from N.Y. Jets) Beason, JonOLB6-0236Miami (Fla.)
2626Dallas (from Philadelphia) Spencer, AnthonyDE6-3266Purdue
2727New Orleans Meachem, RobertWR6-3211Tennessee
2828San Francisco (from New England) Staley, JoeOT6-5302Central Michigan
2929Baltimore Grubbs, BenG6-3314Auburn
3030San Diego Davis, CraigWR6-1207Louisiana State
3131Chicago Olsen, GregTE6-4252Miami (Fla.)
3232Indianapolis Gonzalez, AnthonyWR6-0195Ohio State

133Arizona (from Oakland) Branch, AlanDT6-6331Michigan
234Buffalo (from Detroit) Posluszny, PaulOLB6-1237Penn State
335Tampa Bay Sears, ArronOT6-4328Tennessee
436Philadelphia (from Cleveland through Dallas) Kolb, KevinQB6-3220Houston
537San Diego (from Washington through N.Y. Jets and Chicago) Weddle, EricSS5-11200Utah
638Oakland (from Arizona) Miller, ZachTE6-5259Arizona State
739Atlanta (from Houston) Blalock, JustinOT6-4329Texas
840Miami Beck, JohnQB6-2216Brigham Young
941Atlanta (from Minnesota) Houston, ChrisCB5-11185Arkansas
1042Indianapolis (from San Francisco) Ugoh, TonyG6-5305Arkansas
1143Detroit (from Buffalo) Stanton, DrewQB6-3235Michigan State
1244Minnesota (from Atlanta) Rice, SidneyWR6-4202South Carolina
1345Carolina Jarrett, DwayneWR6-5213Southern California
1446Pittsburgh Woodley, LaMarrDE6-2269Michigan
1547N.Y. Jets (from Green Bay) Harris, DavidILB6-2239Michigan
1648Jacksonville Durant, JustinILB6-1235Hampton
1749Cincinnati Irons, KennyRB5-11195Auburn
1850Tennessee Henry, ChrisRB6-0228Arizona
1951N.Y. Giants Smith, SteveWR5-11199Southern California
2052St. Louis Leonard, BrianFB6-1238Rutgers
2153Cleveland (from Dallas) Wright, EricCB5-11190Nevada-Las Vegas
2254Kansas City McBride, TurkDT6-4276Tennessee
2355Seattle Wilson, JoshCB5-9188Maryland
2456Denver Crowder, TimDE6-4271Texas
2557Philadelphia Abiamiri, VictorDE6-5271Notre Dame
2658Detroit (from New Orleans) Alama-Francis, IkaikaDE6-5250Hawaii
2759Carolina (from N.Y. Jets) Kalil, RyanC6-3291Southern California
2860Miami (from New England) Satele, SamsonC6-2311Hawaii
2961Detroit (from Baltimore) Alexander, GeraldFS6-0210Boise State
3062Chicago (from San Diego) Bazuin, DanDE6-3265Central Michigan
3163Green Bay (from Chicago through N.Y. Jets) Jackson, BrandonRB5-10210Nebraska
3264Tampa Bay (from Indianapolis) Piscitelli, SabbySS6-3224Oregon State

165Oakland Moses, QuentinDE6-5249Georgia
266New Orleans (from Detroit) Young, UsamaCB5-11186Kent State
367Dallas (from Cleveland) Marten, JamesOT6-7303Boston College
468Tampa Bay Black, QuincyOLB6-2240New Mexico
569Arizona Davis, BusterILB5-10244Florida State
670Denver (from Washington) Harris, RyanOT6-5299Notre Dame
771Miami Booker, LorenzoRB5-10193Florida State
872Minnesota McCauley, MarcusCB6-1200Fresno State
973Houston Jones, JacobyWR6-3210Lane
1074Baltimore (from Buffalo through Detroit) Figurs, YamonWR5-11174Kansas State
1175Atlanta Robinson, LaurentWR6-1193Illinois State
1276San Francisco Hill, JasonWR6-0210Washington State
1377Pittsburgh Spaeth, MattTE6-7267Minnesota
1478Green Bay Jones, JamesWR6-1207San Jose State
1579Jacksonville Walker, MikeWR6-2209Central Florida
Cincinnati (Exercised in Supplemental Draft)
1780Tennessee Williams, PaulWR6-1209Fresno State
1881N.Y. Giants Alford, JayDT6-3304Penn State
1982Kansas City (from St. Louis) Tyler, DeMarcus 'Tank'DT6-2323North Carolina State
2083Carolina Johnson, CharlesDE6-2272Georgia
2184St. Louis (from Kansas City) Wade, JonathanCB5-10192Tennessee
2285Seattle Mebane, BrandonDT6-1305California
2386Baltimore (from Denver through Jacksonville) Yanda, MarshallG6-4304Iowa
2487Philadelphia (from Dallas) Bradley, StewartOLB6-4256Nebraska
2588New Orleans Alleman, AndyG6-4302Akron
2689Green Bay (from N.Y. Jets) Rouse, AaronSS6-4225Virginia Tech
2790Philadelphia Hunt, TonyRB6-0230Penn State
2891Oakland (from New England) Henderson, MarioOT6-6302Florida State
2992Buffalo (from Baltimore) Edwards, TrentQB6-3222Stanford
3093Chicago (from San Diego) Wolfe, GarrettRB5-7177Northern Illinois
3194Chicago Okwo, MichaelILB5-11232Stanford
3295Indianapolis Hughes, DaymeionCB5-10192California
3396San Diego (Compensatory Selection) Waters, AnthonyILB6-3245Clemson
3497San Francisco (Compensatory Selection) McDonald, RayDT6-3281Florida
3598Indianapolis (Compensatory Selection) Pitcock, QuinnDT6-3301Ohio State
3699Oakland (Compensatory Selection) Higgins, Johnnie LeeWR5-11184Texas-El Paso

* Cleveland filled holes at QB, OT and CB, but paid a dear price in terms of draft picks. Phil Savage has earned the benefit of the doubt. This will be his defining moment in Cleveland.

* Miami really PO'd their fans by reaching for Ted Ginn and John Beck. Tough start for Cam Cameron.

* These guys were great values: Robert Meachem (WR, New Orleans), Greg Olsen (TE, Chicago), Alan Branch (DT, Arizona), Paul Posluszny (OLB, Buffalo -- see, we will give Marv Levy some love when he deserves it!), Zach Miller (TE, Oakland -- and this was on a trade-DOWN! -- wait, we just put over Marv Levy and Al Davis on back-to-back notations here!), Justin Blalock (OT, Atlanta), Chris Houston (CB, Atlanta), Dwayne Jarrett (WR, Carolina), Steve Smith (WR, New York Giants), Tank Tyler (DT, Kansas City), Quinn Pitcock (DT, Indianapolis), Daymeion Hughes (CB, Indianapolis), Ryan Kalil (C, Carolina)

* These guys were big reaches: Ginn, Beck, Justin Harrell (DT, Green Bay), Kevin Klingler, errrrr Kolb (QB, Houston), Drew Stanton (QB, Michigan State)

* These picks will really help their teams even if there were some odd circumstances: Levi Brown (OT, Arizona -- appropriate pick given their needs, but a trade-down was necessary here), Anthony Gonzalez (WR, Indianapolis -- keeps this offense atop the league, but defensive needs could have been filled here), Tony Ugoh (G/T, Indianapolis -- similar to Gonzalez, will be a very good player, but defense could have been addressed), Jarvis Moss (DE, Denver -- great fit for the Broncos with much-needed speed rush help on the D line, but was a trade-up really necessary?), Darrelle Revis (CB, New York Jets -- best cornerback in the draft, but shouldn't Brady Quinn have been the focus given the Jets' issues?), Michael Griffin (S, Tennessee -- fine player, but how do you pass on the explosive Robert Meachem?)

And the "Oh, Crap, We Had No Backup Plan Award for the 2007 First Round" goes to: Green Bay. Thanks for returning, Brett Favre, hope you weren't planning on going to the playoffs in your latest "last year!"

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Paul Teeple just melted down ...

on the New York Giants during our live broadcast on STC. He wasn't a big fan of Aaron Ross at 20.

Reggie Nelson goes 21 to Jacksonville, setting the stage for the Cleveland-Dallas trade at 22. Brady Quinn is a Brown, albeit 19 spots lower than anyone anticipated.

This should make any queasy Browns fans feel at least a bit better.

Reach for Green Bay!

Justin Harrell? Clearly the Pack had no Plan B when Lynch got taken.

Denver then trades up with Jacksonville to get Jarvis Moss, who might well have dropped to them anyway. Leon Hall goes to Cincy in a move that makes sense, then Tennessee makes a head-scratcher in passing on local boy and big need Robert Meachem to take Michael Griffin.

Dolphins fans are PO'd

But it's not much better being a Packer fan at the moment

The Saint Lou defense will improve ...

with Adam Carriker going to them at 13. Then at 14, New York brings "teh funny" by punking the Jet fans when they traded up with Carolina to take Brady Qui ... uh, no. They took DB Darrelle Revis, a great corner prospect, but not the man the mutant NY fans in the gallery on TV wanted.

OLB Lawrence Timmons then went to Pittsburgh at 15; not much of a surprise.

Somebody REALLY hates the Ted Ginn selection by Miami.

Keyshawn just backstabbed his QBs by advocating Quinn? Shocking!

Suh-prise, suh-prise!

Atlanta starts "Jamaal Anderson Era #2" with the 8th pick, then Miami shocks Brady Quinn, his escort and the rest of the civilized world by taking Ted Ginn, Jr. at 9. Amobi Okoye slips to 10 with Houston, awesome ILB Patrick Willis goes to San Francisco at 11 and Marshawn Lynch breaks the hearts of Packer fans everywhere by being selected by Buffalo at 12.

At least this guy's not bitter.

Joe Thomas' "aunt" is freaking scary.

Brady Quinn has now been moved to the back of the Green Room in NYC. Is he going to find his lost dignity back there?

Joe Thomas to the Browns at #3,

... Gaines Adams to Tampa at #4 since they couldn't get Calvin Johnson and Arizona selects offensive tackle Levi Brown (REACH!). They did need O line help, though.

We at FDH are admittedly skeptical of Thomas' value at #3, but he was clearly the best offensive lineman in the draft. As lifelong Browns fans, however, we hope we are wrong, and we do trust Phil Savage given his track record. We agree with Nick Bakay that staying away from a rookie QB is good for Romeo Crennel, and Thomas is a better fit than either of the gambles at QB.

Deadspin is amused by Matt Millen. Surprise.

Now Washington takes the best defensive player in the draft in Laron Landry and Minnesota passes on Brady Quinn to take Adrian Peterson.

Our mock drafts are in flames!

Russell goes first ...

and the Lions take Calvin Johnson second. 4 WRs in 5 years in the first round. Matt Millen's got some nard -- nobody can deny.

NFL Draft Day Liveblogging Begins!!!

Let's start this off on a fun note, courtesy of Kissing Suzy Kolber.

"When I call your name, make a bee-line for the stage, mister. Use the steps on the stage-right (west side). Use the wrong steps and I will suspend your ass on the spot. Do not extend greetings to your teammates, homeboys, girlfriends or college coach. This is the NFL, you want to do your "shout-outs" go on 106 & Park, numbnuts."

Good stuff!

We are currently on the air on with our all-day draft coverage from Shula's 2 in Independence, Ohio (the greater Cleveland area). Come on out if you're in the area, or listen to us online. Fantasy Drafthelp is very proud to be a big part of this great event.

JaMarcus Russell to the Raiders at #1, according to ESPN. Cleveland to take Joe Thomas at #3, according to the same article. Not the preferred FDH move, but we shall see.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Final NFL Mock Drafts

Remember, to check out our 2007 draft publication, go here. Rick Morris and Jason Jones mock drafts as of April 22 are listed. The Rick Morris one listed here is the same as that one.

Here are the final Rick Morris and Jason Jones mock drafts, along with the joint Morris/Jones mock draft from the April 26 FDH INSIDER program:

Rick Morris Mock Draft

1 Oakland JaMarcus Russell LSU QB
2 Detroit Gaines Adams Clemson DE
3 Cleveland Adrian Peterson Oklahoma RB
4 Tampa Bay Calvin Johnson Georgia Tech WR
5 Arizona Joe Thomas Wisconsin OT
6 Washington Amobi Okoye Louisville DT
7 Minnesota Brady Quinn Notre Dame QB
8 Atlanta LaRon Landry LSU S
9 Miami Levi Brown Penn State OT
10 Houston Leon Hall Michigan CB
11 San Francisco Alan Branch Michigan DT
12 Buffalo Patrick Willis Mississippi ILB
13 St. Louis Jamaal Anderson Arkansas DE
14 Carolina Greg Olsen Miami TE
15 Pittsburgh Adam Carriker Nebraska DE
16 Green Bay Marshawn Lynch California RB
17 Jacksonville Reggie Nelson Florida S
18 Cincinnati Darrelle Revis Pittsburgh CB
19 Tennessee Ted Ginn Jr. Ohio State WR
20 New York Giants Paul Pozluszny Penn State OLB
21 Denver Jarvis Moss Florida DE
22 Dallas Dwayne Jarrett USC WR
23 Kansas City Robert Meachem Tennessee WR
24 New England Aaron Ross Texas CB
25 New York Jets Chris Houston Arkansas CB
26 Philadelphia Michael Griffin Texas S
27 New Orleans Justin Harrell Tennessee DT
28 New England Joe Staley Central Michigan OT
29 Baltimore Justin Blalock Texas OG
30 San Diego Dwayne Bowe LSU WR
31 Chicago Lawrence Timmons Florida State OLB
32 Indianapolis Jon Beason Miami OLB

Rick Morris/Jason Jones Mock Draft from April 27


(Jones made even picks, Morris made odd picks)
1 Oakland JaMarcus Russell LSU QB
2 Detroit Gaines Adams Clemson DE
3 Cleveland Adrian Peterson Oklahoma RB
4 Tampa Bay Calvin Johnson Georgia Tech WR
5 Arizona Joe Thomas Wisconsin OT
6 Washington Alan Branch Michigan DT
7 Minnesota Brady Quinn Notre Dame QB
8 Atlanta LaRon Landry LSU S
9 Miami Levi Brown Penn State OT
10 Houston Jamaal Anderson Arkansas DE
11 San Francisco Amobi Okoye Louisville DT
12 Buffalo Patrick Willis Mississippi ILB
13 St. Louis Adam Carriker Nebraska DE
14 Carolina Greg Olsen Miami TE
15 Pittsburgh Darrelle Revis Pittsburgh CB
16 Green Bay Marshawn Lynch California RB
17 Jacksonville Reggie Nelson Florida S
18 Cincinnati Paul Pozluszny Penn State OLB
19 Tennessee Ted Ginn Jr. Ohio State WR
20 New York Giants Brandon Meriweather Miami S
21 Denver Jarvis Moss Florida DE
22 Dallas Dwayne Jarrett USC WR
23 Kansas City Robert Meachem Tennessee WR
24 New England Leon Hall Michigan CB
25 New York Jets Chris Houston Arkansas CB
26 Philadelphia Dwayne Bowe LSU WR
27 New Orleans Justin Harrell Tennessee DT
28 New England Jon Beason Miami OLB
29 Baltimore Joe Staley Central Michigan OT
30 San Diego Anthony Gonzalez Ohio State WR
31 Chicago Lawrence Timmons Florida State OLB
32 Indianapolis Michael Griffin Texas S

Jason Jones Mock Draft

1 OAK JaMarcus Russell LSU QB
2 DET Gaines Adams Clemson DE
3 CLE Adrian Peterson Oklahoma RB
4 TB Calvin Johnson Georgia Tech WR
5 ARI Joe Thomas Wisconsin OT
6 WAS Alan Branch Michigan DT
7 MIN Ted Ginn Jr Ohio St WR
8 HOU Jamaal Anderson Arkansas DE
9 MIA Levi Brown Penn St OT
10 ATL LaRon Landry LSU SS
11 SF Amobi Okoye Louisville DT
12 BUF Patrick Willis Ole Miss ILB
13 STL Adam Carriker Nebraska DE
14 CAR Greg Olsen Miami TE
15 PIT Lawrence Timmons Florida St OLB
16 GB Marshawn Lynch California RB
17 JAX Darrelle Revis Pittsburgh CB
18 CIN Paul Posluszny Penn St OLB
19 TEN Robert Meachum Tennessee WR
20 NYG Leon Hall Michigan CB
21 DEN Reggie Nelson Florida SS
22 DAL Dwayne Jarrett USC WR
23 KC Dwayne Bowe LSU WR
24 NE Jon Beason Miami OLB
25 NYJ Ben Grubbs Auburn OG
26 PHI Michael Griffin Texas SS
27 NO Chris Houston Arkansas CB
28 NE Brian Leonard Rutgers RB/FB
29 BAL Joe Staley C. Michigan OT
30 SD Anthony Gonzalez Ohio St WR
31 CHI Justin Blalock Texas OG
32 IND Justin Harrell Tennessee DT

And as a bonus, here is the final Jason Jones Top 100 (Plus!) regardless of position:
1 Calvin Johnson WR
2 Adrian Peterson RB
3 JaMarcus Russell QB
4 Brady Quinn QB
5 Patrick Willis ILB
6 Amobi Okoye DT
7 LaRon Landry S
8 Gaines Adams DE
9 Adam Carriker DE
10 Alan Branch DT/NT
11 Greg Olsen TE
12 Jamaal Anderson DE
13 Paul Posluszny OLB
14 Ted Ginn Jr WR
15 Jon Beason OLB
16 Joe Thomas OT
17 Levi Brown OT
18 Marshawn Lynch RB
19 Darrelle Revis CB
20 Joe Staley OT
21 Robert Meachum WR
22 Reggie Nelson S
23 Leon Hall CB
24 Ryan Kalil C
25 Anthony Spencer DE
26 Dwayne Jarrett WR
27 Lawrence Timmons OLB
28 Anthony Gonzalez WR
29 Aaron Ross CB
30 Jarvis Moss DE
31 Chris Houston CB
32 Brian Leonard RB/FB
33 Tim Crowder DE
34 Zach Miller TE
35 Justin Harrell DT
36 Ben Grubbs OG
37 Brandon Meriweather S/CB
38 Dwayne Bowe WR
39 Steve Smith WR
40 Tony Ugoh OT
41 Michael Griffin S
42 Justin Blalock OG
43 Arron Sears OG
44 Tank Tyler DT
45 David Harris ILB
46 Antonio Pittman RB
47 Sidney Rice WR
48 Eric Wright CB
49 Marcus McCauley CB
50 Charles Johnson DE
51 Ray McDonald DE
52 LaMarr Woodley DE/OLB
53 Eric Weddle S
54 Jason Hill WR
55 Drew Stanton QB
56 Jonathon Wade CB
57 Tanard Jackson FS
58 Victor Abiamiri DE
59 Daymeion Hughes CB
60 Justin Durant ILB
61 Kenny Irons RB
62 Quentin Moses DE
63 Trent Edwards QB
64 Aaron Rouse S
65 Tony Hunt RB
66 Andy Alleman OG
67 Samson Satele C
68 Josh Wilson CB
69 Ikaika Alama-Francis DE
70 Michael Bush RB
71 Josh Beekman OG
72 Doug Free OT
73 Dustin Fry C
74 John Beck QB
75 David Irons CB
76 Ryan Harris OT
77 Buster Davis ILB
78 Ben Patrick TE
79 Turk McBride DT
80 Lorenzo Booker RB
81 Troy Smith QB
82 Brandon Siler ILB
83 Craig Davis WR
84 Tarell Brown CB
85 Johnnie Lee Higgins WR
86 Marshall Yanda OT
87 Dan Bazuin DE
88 Tim Shaw OLB
89 Josh Gattis FS
90 Stewart Bradley OLB
91 Brandon Mebane DT
92 Michael Johnson SS
93 A.J. Davis CB
94 Aundrae Allison WR
95 Marcus Thomas DT
96 Mike Walker WR
97 Mason Crosby K
98 Quincy Black OLB
99 Antonio Johnson DT
100 James Martin OT
101 Rufus Alexander OLB
102 Chris Henry RB
103 Kevin Kolb QB
104 H.B. Blades ILB
105 Baraka Atkins DE
106 Dallas Baker WR
107 Doug Datish C
108 Tim Duckworth OG
109 Brandon Frye OG
110 Steve Breaston WR/PR
111 Correy Hilliard OG
112 Chris Leak QB
113 Dan Mozes OG
114 Quinn Pitcock DT
115 Manny Ramirez OG
116 C.J. Myles WR
117 Matt Spaeth TE
118 Darius Walker RB