Thursday, June 29, 2006 Insider Tonight

On the big show, we bring our mock draft for the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest on the Fourth of July. We'll lead with that at 8 PM (EDT), followed by fantasy baseball talk (first half surprises/second half crashes) at 8:30 PM, a look at the varying way that fantasy football pundits are rating various players at 8:50 PM and our NBA Draft recap at 9:30 PM. Tune in on!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Joel Freeland to Portland at 30

We're now debating the worst move of the night? Thabo Wabo at 13? Sene at 10? Renaldo Balkman? Billy Knight's continuing allergy to point guards? Lots of horrible moves tonight and much to answer for after it's all over.

Mardy Collins to the Knicks at 29

I'm calling my shot right here, right now. You WILL see a lineup of Collins, Starbury, Steve Francis, Nate Robinson and Jamal Crawford at some point this year. 5 point guards. Zeke will do it as part of his ongoing public crackup. And it will be fun to see.

No J Terry insurance for Dallas

The Mavs select Maurice Ager, the OTHER Spartan shooting guard to go in the first round. Mark Cuban better get out the checkbook for Terry since he passed on a point guard.

Will Spanish Chocolate melt in Phoenix?

Sergio Rodriguez to the Suns at 27, but ESPN is reporting that Portland will acquire him for cash. Not a bad day of wheeling-dealing for the Blazers.

Shannon Freaking Brown?

The Cavs passed over Jordan Farmar for a shooting guard? Nice knowing you, Flip, there's the exit on stage right.

As somebody who grew up a Cavs fan, I'm not thrilled at all. I want to learn more about their thinking on this move. My co-host Jason Jones, who has seen way more of Brown than I have, is horrified that the Cavs passed over Farmar, but he does think that Brown can defend point guards. With Lebron playing the point forward, you could conceivably see Brown, Hughes and Lebron out there much of the time.

And again, let's see if the other shoe drops and if the Cavs do sign Jay Williams as has been rumored. That would be the best of all worlds for Cleveland.

Oh, and Jordan Farmar to the Lakers at 26. Our producer, Don Peterson, a big Laker homer, is happy.

I call trade

Kyle Lowry to Memphis. I believe that somebody traded up to get a point guard, because I don't see Jerry West going there. We shall see.

Value over need, then need over value

The Nets took Marcus Williams, a point guard they didn't need, but couldn't pass up, at 22, then took journeyman center/power forward Josh Boone at 23 to fill a need. Interesting.

Renaldo Balkman

Just let that run around in your brain a few times. Renaldo Balkman. A guy who wasn't even listed in several two-round mock drafts goes at 20 to the Knicks. That's Zeke for ya.

Think James Dolan is going to regret the ultimatum? Looks like Isiah is going to have fun for the last year of his employment by MSG. As a sadist and somebody who loves seeing the NBA squirm while having their flagship team in the toilet, I'm enjoying this greatly.

My co-host Jason Jones just broke his headphones when he slammed them down as Phoenix took Rajon Rando at 21. I'm very disappointed as well as he had me convinced that the Cavs needed to take Rando. Too bad.

Marcus Williams just went at 22 to New Jersey. The run on point guards has begun in earnest.

The Douby gets passed to Sacramento

... as Quincy goes 19. He's more of a combo guard, so we STILL have yet to see the first pure point guard selected.

Wrong Williams

I thought Marcus Williams to Indiana, but it's Shawne Williams instead. While Roy and Foye are combo guards, we have yet to see the first pure point guard selected. I predicted the point guard run to start later perhaps than most pundits, but this is even later than I expected.

Olexsiy Pecherov to Washington -- not sure that the Wiz needs another 4, but the reports on him are pretty good.

Apologies to Philly ...

Thabo Wabo moves to Chicago for their pick (and, probably "cash considerations," which is all that Minnesota ended up getting in the Foye-Roy deal -- Faye-Ray deal?) and the Bulls select Rodney Carney for Philly. I take back my criticism of the Sixers. They made a brilliant move and the Bulls acted with no regard whatsoever for value.

The Hornets take Cedric Simmons ...

thus ensuring that they will play Hilton Armstrong at center. I think they needed a swingman, but they're putting together a nice starting lineup right there with Chris Paul. Contention when they return to the Gulf Coast full-time in 2007-2008? Possibly.

Roy for Foye straight up

Why does Minnesota not extract SOMETHING for what is, in essence, trading down?

And Philadelphia is moving Thabo Wabo, apparently, to Chicago.

Ronnie Brewer just went to Utah at 14, making me 6-for-14 at this point. Not bad compared to some of the blindfolded monkeys throwing darts at various media outlets. I think the Jazz will be happy with this one.

Thabo Wabo?

Thabo Sefolosha to Philadelphia? The reaches and bad moves keep piling up.

There must be a full moon tonight.

As I predicted ...

Hilton Armstrong to the Hornets at 12. Nice option at the 4 or 5, wherever they use him.

How about Marcus Williams being (no better than) the third Huskie to go? How 'bout them apples?

JJ Redick to the Magic at 11

... thus forming an inside-out combo with Dwight Howard. Interesting move. I'd rather have Ronnie Brewer or Rodney Carney, but this should work out OK. And with the awful moves all around tonight, this becomes a genius decision by default.

The train wreck keeps getting worse

Mouhamed Saer Sene to Seattle with the 10th pick. With the craptastic moves we've seen by GMs thus far tonight, it's hard to stand out, but darned if the Sonics didn't try.

What a reprehensible reach.

Rudy Gay to Memphis via Houston

... straight-up for Shane Battier. Seriously.

Which of the jokers in Houston signed off on this? Perhaps this article will shed some light, perhaps not.

One of the worst moves in NBA history. Hands down.

Oh, and Patrick O'Bryant to Golden State at 9. Best center in the draft, and I think it's a nice move. My colleague Jason Jones begs to differ.

Randy Foye to Portland via Boston at 7

As I expressed on the air, Portland has to be concerned about Rudy Gay being an underachiever to pass on him here. But somebody's going to want Gay's upside soon.

T-Wolves make the sixth pick

... Brandon Roy. I'd have taken Rudy Gay, but this pick should suffice nicely.

You have to wonder what Ricky Davis is thinking right now, though.

The rights to ...

probably just skyrocketed.

Shelden Williams? Even Isiah Thomas thinks Knight is a self-parody right now.

Tyrus Thomas to Portland -- or not?

Portland just selected Thomas, but ESPN is reporting that the Blazers and Bulls are swapping picks with Victor Khryapa also going to Chicago. Seems like a pointless trade, but what-ever.

LaMarcus Aldridge goes 2 to the Bulls

My co-host this evening Jason Jones says that Aldridge has the most upside of any big man in the draft. How ironic that the Bulls get a mulligan for the Eddy Curry pick and swindle the Knicks to get the chance to draft somebody to help replace him.

And #45 just ran one heck of a smokescreen with the third pick and took Adam Morrison after marking out publicly for Brandon Roy and Rudy Gay. Well played.

Andrea Bargnani #1 overall as I predicted

... in the E-Book.

Is he the next Dirk or the next Skee-Tish-Vee-Lee?

I'm guessing Dirk, but I said the same for Darko back in the day.

First draft move (semi)confirmed

Sebastian Telfair to Boston for the #7 pick. Others are involved in the deal as well.

I guess Portland didn't love him as much as everyone thought -- and like my colleague Ryan Ward from SportsTalkCleveland just said to me off the air, Boston is insane if they chose this deal over a chance to get Allen Iverson.

Speaking of, our special edition of THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER show on STC is now on the air. Jason Jones and I are pontificating right now. I'm the handsome fella in the suit. Check us out.

Thoughts and prayers

Peter Gammons is resting in ICU after emergency brain surgery. I grew up reading his work, as did so many of you out there. He did, as many are saying, redefine the role of a national baseball reporter, and was THE national outlet for baseball news before the Internet, 24-hour cable coverage, etc. And while I don't know him, everything I have heard is that he is a very nice guy and very down-to-earth.

Please say a prayer tonight for Peter Gammons and his family and his friends. May he fight through this situation and continue on with a good life, regardless of what is still possible with his career.

Thoughts and prayers

Peter Gammons is resting in ICU after emergency brain surgery. I grew up reading his work, as did so many of you out there. He did, as many are saying, redefine the role of a national baseball reporter, and was THE national outlet for baseball news before the Internet, 24-hour cable coverage, etc. And while I don't know him, everything I have heard is that he is a very nice guy and very down-to-earth.

Please say a prayer tonight for Peter Gammons and his family and his friends. May he fight through this situation and continue on with a good life, regardless of what is still possible with his career.

We've got the NBA Draft covered, of course!

Check out our 102-page E-Book through, right here.

Jason Jones and I have the draft covered Wednesday night at 7 PM (EDT) on STC. Tune in to catch our analysis of the draft as it progresses -- and keep coming back here for liveblogging throughout. Here's an excerpt from the E-Book: my mock draft going into tomorrow night:

1. Toronto: Andrea Bargnani, PF, Italy

2. Chicago (via New York Knicks): Tyrus Thomas, PF, Freshman, LSU

3. Charlotte: Brandon Roy, SG, Senior, Washington

4. Portland: Adam Morrison, SF, Junior, Gonzaga

5. Atlanta: Shelden Williams, PF, Senior, Duke

6. Minnesota: Rudy Gay, SF, Sophomore, Connecticut

7. Boston: LaMarcus Aldridge, PF, Sophomore, Texas

8. Houston: Randy Foye, SG, Senior, Villanova

9. Golden State: Patrick O’Bryant, C, Sophomore, Bradley

10. Seattle: Cedric Simmons, PF, Sophomore, North Carolina State

11. Orlando: J.J. Redick, SG, Senior, Duke

12. New Orleans/Oklahoma City: Hilton Armstrong, C, Senior, Connecticut

13. Philadelphia: Rodney Carney, SF, Senior, Memphis

14. Utah: Ronnie Brewer, SG, Junior, Arkansas

15. New Orleans/Oklahoma City (via Milwaukee): Shawne Williams, SF, Freshman, Memphis

16. Chicago: Mardy Collins, PG, Senior, Temple

17. Indiana: Marcus Williams, PG, Junior, Connecticut

18. Washington: Mouhamed Saer Sene, C, Senegal

19. Sacramento: Maurice Ager, SG, Senior, Michigan State

20. New York (via Denver): Marcus Vinicius de Souza, SF, Brazil

21. Phoenix (via L.A. Lakers): Olexsiy Pecherov, PF, Ukraine

22. New Jersey (via L.A. Clippers): Alexander Johnson, PF, Junior, Florida State

23. New Jersey: Rajon Rando, PG, Sophomore, Kentucky

24. Memphis: Shannon Brown, SG, Junior, Michigan State

25. Cleveland: Jordan Farmar, PG, Sophomore, UCLA

26. L.A. Lakers: Quincy Douby, PG, Junior, Rutgers

27. Phoenix: Sergio Rodriguez, PG, Spain

28. Dallas: Kyle Lowry, PG, Sophomore, Villanova

29. New York (via San Antonio): Josh Boone, C, Junior, Connecticut

30. Portland (via Detroit): Paul Davis, PF, Senior, Michigan State

Tune in tomorrow -- we will deliver as always!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Phil's collapse at the US Open worked for someone

Namely, me. Those of you with keen memories will recall that I selected Geoff Ogilvy on my fantasy golf team in the 6th round of our draft on I am now in first place. Yay Lefty! Way to come through for me.

Thursday night's Insider on (from 8-10 PM EDT) will be a unique one. We have discussed in recent weeks the power rankings we have been working on for the Big Four sports involving a concept called standard deviation from the mean. In short, this stat measures strength in all major categories and blends the numbers together in a way to better help measure player production. We used this first in hockey last year and were the first fantasy outlet to proclaim the coming fantasy stardom of Marc Savard, so we have a track record already.

We'll start in the first half hour by discussing next year's hockey and basketball draft boards and the corresponding power ranking numbers. From there, we will segue into football and then baseball at about 8:45 PM EDT. The last half hour of the show will be our final preview of the NBA Draft, our forthcoming 102-page E-Book and our live draft show next Wednesday night on STC.

As always, we will work to keep our discussions very easy to understand and filled with knowledge that you can use to dominate your leagues. We are all about finding value in fantasy drafts and auctions and our new statistical formulas will be another potent weapon in the Fantasy Drafthelp arsenal.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

2006 football and hockey draft boards are up!

Beta versions available right now! Football AND hockey, with hoops on the way shortly. You can be that these will be discussed on the Insider on Thursday night at 8 PM EDT on

8 PM: Next season's football, hockey and hoops draft boards and early analysis.

8:30 PM: We are joined by baseball analyst Tim Foust for further discussion on the role of a commissioner in a fantasy league, keeper and non-keeper league trade strategies and a look back at predicted progressions and regressions to the mean from the month of April. Additionally, we'll open up the mailbag from the past week as Tim and my co-host Jason Jones can critique the advice I have provided.

9:40 PM: Jason and I continue our look ahead to the NBA Draft on June 28 and our draft special at 7 PM EDT that night -- as well as our forthcoming 102-page NBA Draft E-book which will be available for free download on

Check out the draft boards and the show!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Plenty of fantasy sports on Thursday night

As usual, we've got a jam-packed two hours on the Insider on Thursday night at 8 PM EDT:

8 PM: We start with our usual segment on niche sports -- in this case, our "beta version" draft boards for hoops and hockey for '06-07 and then we segue into our first look at our football board for 2006.

8:30 PM: Our baseball analysts Tim Foust and Nathan Noy join us to discuss a multiplicity of topics: the fantasy implications of the Grimsley scandal (and how they jibe with our previous reporting on amphetamines and baseball), Part II of our examination of the role of a fantasy baseball commissioner, and Part II of our examination of Roger Clemens and FAAB money. Additionally, we'll look at the fantasy angle of a forthcoming report from Nathan about payroll issues in Major League Baseball.

9:30 PM: My co-host Jason Jones and I continue to get you ready for the NBA Draft and we preview our forthcoming E-Book and Draft Night coverage.

Catch us live on "Web TV" at 8 PM EDT.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Finals predictions and other notes

Canes in 6, Mavs in 7. For the Stanley Cup Finals, too bad the first two games are on the "if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, does it make a noise?" channel.

Len P is right, this will be the breakout year for the Ram RB.

Another Huskie boy in the draft.

What a delightfully goofy picture.

As a longtime Fish fan, I'm not happy to admit it, but Mangini is indeed building a winner.

Didn't work. Go Cavs!

We draw comparisons all of the time on the Insider (Thursdays from 8-10 PM EDT on about how "real" pro sports drafts sometimes mirror fantasy sports drafts. Check out this insightful article on the always interesting Hardball Times to see how MLB teams have been trying to extract value in the pro draft over the last few years.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Get your draft on -- World Cup style!

That's right, we're drafting World Cup teams Thursday night at 8 PM on THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on -- and we've got our draft board and suggested league guidelines posted here. Check it out; it will bring a different twist to your summer sports viewing.

The agenda in full:

8 PM: Our mock draft for selection of World Cup teams. We certainly will draft anything, anytime, anywhere and we continue to prove that.

8:50 PM: We take a quick look back at last week's fantasy boxing draft and the first bouts of our "summer season" that get underway starting this weekend.

9 PM: Fantasy baseball talk gets underway with baseball analyst Tim Foust. The topics? How to manage the duties of a league commissioner and how to properly appreciate value (hint -- with the greatest value pick of this century in fantasy baseball or any other sport).

9:45 PM: NBA Draft talk resumes with my co-host and STC's premier basketball expert, Jason Jones.

Tune in. You won't regret it at all.

In the news ...

Jayson Stark is a smart man. He's on top of the Roger Clemens signing implications.

Jim Edmonds going to the DL? Shocking.

Phil Nevin back in the NL? Use your FAAB for this grab.

One more weapon, potentially, for Eddie Jordan. Not good for my Cavs and other teams in the East.

One of the greatest fantasy blueliners, and one of the more underlooked ones, stays put in Toronto.

And, what the hey. My boys are showing me some love, giving props to me for the idea of a show-related blog. So here's the love back, from my blog to theirs.