Sunday, May 10, 2009

FDH Fantasy Newsletter: Volume II, Issue XIX

Welcome to our 35th edition of the FDH Fantasy Newsletter, as we continue to bring you weekly fantasy sports updates in addition to our usual content on In case you missed it, here are the previous issues: Volume I, Issue I (September 4, 2008), Volume I, Issue II (September 13, 2008), Volume I, Issue III (September 19, 2008), Volume I, Issue IV (September 27, 2008), Volume I, Issue V (October 4, 2008), Volume I, Issue VI (October 11, 2008), Volume I, Issue VII (October 18, 2008), Volume I, Issue VIII (October 25, 2008), Volume I, Issue IX (November 1, 2008), Volume I, Issue X (November 8, 2008), Volume I, Issue XI (November 15, 2008), Volume I, Issue XII (November 21, 2008), Volume 1, Issue XIII (November 30, 2008), Volume 1, Issue XIV (December 7, 2008), Volume I, Issue XV (December 14, 2008), Volume I, Issue XVI (December 20, 2008), Volume I, Issue XVII (December 28, 2008), Volume II, Issue I (January 3, 2009), Volume II, Issue II (January 11, 2009), Volume II, Issue III (January 20, 2009), Volume II, Issue IV (January 24, 2009), Volume II, Issue V (January 29, 2009), Volume II, Issue VI (February 8, 2009), Volume II, Issue VII (February 17, 2009), Volume II, Issue VIII (February 23, 2009), Volume II, Issue IX (February 28, 2009), Volume II, Issue X (March 8, 2009), Volume II, Issue XI (March 15, 2009), Volume II, Issue XII (March 21, 2009), Volume II, Issue XIII (March 31, 2009), Volume II, Issue XIV (April 4, 2009), Volume II, Issue XV (April 11, 2009), Volume II, Issue XVI (April 18, 2009), Volume II, Issue XVII (April 26, 2009), Volume II, Issue XIX (May 2, 2009)

In this week's issue, we bring you:

^ Fantasy Baseball Buy Low
^ Fantasy Baseball Sell High
^ Fantasy Baseball Hold Onto

^ Matt Holliday: He probably went for an artificially low price in the first place (because of urban legends that he was brutal away from Coors Field) and this start is playing into false stereotypes – presenting a great opportunity if you can find a panicked owner.
^ Brandon Phillips: Buy now before he warms up along with the Ohio River humidity.
^ James Loney: He will hit no less than 15-20 home runs and now that power will be compressed into 80% of the season.
^ Francisco Liriano and Chris Young (SP): They’ve shown enough sparks this year to show that ace power is still lurking in those arms.
^ CC Sabathia: He thrives in under-the-spotlight midseason games and those are rapidly approaching.

^ Aaron Hill: He’s a microcosm of the Toronto offense and as such, he can’t sustain his early level of production.
^ Jason Bartlett and Ryan Theriot: Classic early-season frauds.
^ Brandon Inge and Mike Cameron: Career-long hole-in-the-swing guys are never an early bet based purely on a hot start.
^ Raul Ibanez: In order to place him off-limits, you’d have to commit to believing that he’s going to have a career year.
^ Zack Duke: Be very cautious based on his start-and-stop career.

^ Mike Napoli: With strong per-at-bat power numbers last year, we touted him coming into 2009, so we’re going to hold to our opinion that he’s for real.
^ Justin Verlander: The worst (of ’08 and early ’09) is behind him, now reap the rewards for betting on the talent.
^ Adam Lind and Johnny Cueto: Based on pedigree, you should proceed as if they are for real.
^ Josh Johnson: The only question with him was health; behold what happens when he’s healthy!
^ Chris Volstad: Based on last year and this year’s start, he projects as no worse than a #3 SP the rest of the way.
^ Zack Greinke: You could get a lot for him – but it’s unlikely that you’ll get as much as he’ll still give you.
^ Rickie Weeks: He’s a classic potential post-hype breakout.
^ Adam Jones: He’ll reach All-Star level sometime soon; feel free to believe that it’s happening sooner than expected.


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