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FDH Fantasy Newsletter: Volume IV, Issue XXX

Welcome to our 143rd edition of the FDH Fantasy Newsletter, as we continue to bring you weekly fantasy sports updates in addition to our usual content on Our archive of past editions is available right here on The Blog and specific links to past editions are available at

This week, we bring you our 2011 Fantasy Football Overview.

2011 Fantasy Football Overview

^ More than most years, perhaps more than any other year since NFL free agency came into play in the early 1990s, continuity is the watchword of the season. The year-round nature of the modern NFL has been great for the NFL Network and other assorted league bean-counters, but it has served as a leveling effect for the league’s best teams. This past offseason allowed for almost no opportunity for teams in transition to acclimate any or all of the following: head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, quarterback. These are, of course, the most critical areas for continuity in the game. Both in “real” football and in the fantasy game, those who were riding high in 2010 will do so disproportionately to the usual amount in 2011.

^ Also unlike more years, there is more parity between the RB and WR position than is generally the case. You have to go down to the #3 spot at both positions (where there are a few more RBs available) to find much of a difference in talent depth.

^ Now more than ever, if you want a top-flight QB, find him a top-flight WR. Tom Brady is the sole QB on our top tier of passers who is not throwing to a WR ranked in our Top 15. There is a true symbiotic relationship between the top quarterbacks and those hauling in their passes; neither side can truly flourish without great support on the other end. It is for this reason alone that Larry Fitzgerald, arguably the most skilled wide receiver in the NFL, ranks 8th on our list as post-Warner instability has reigned at the passer position in Arizona. And it is for this reason that the quarterbacks on our second tier who have the best bets of jumping up into the top tier (Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning) have elite WRs on their team (Roddy White, Mike Wallace and Hakeem Nicks, respectively).

^ Unlike last year, when we were wildly bullish on TEs, we are a bit less so in 2011. Last year saw some surprises that could not be predicted (the severe injuries to Antonio Gates, Dallas Clark and Jermichael Finley), but it also saw the continuation of the aging process for Tony Gonzalez, continuing health issues with Owen Daniels and the absolute collapses of Brent Celek and Visanthe Shiancoe. Marcedes Lewis did (belatedly) emerge and Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham made their names known, so there were some counterbalances in an unexpectedly down year. Still, we’re not ready to say as we were a year ago that you can wait a long time to draft your TE starter. If 2011 is a strong enough year of recovery at the position, we may be saying it next year, though.


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