Sunday, May 09, 2010

FDH Fantasy Newsletter: Volume III, Issue XVIII

Welcome to our 83rd edition of the FDH Fantasy Newsletter, as we continue to bring you weekly fantasy sports updates in addition to our usual content on Our archive of past editions is available right here on The Blog and specific links to past editions are available on the front page of

In this week's edition, we bring you the Fantasy Baseball Buy Low, Sell High.

Fantasy Baseball Buy Low, Sell High


^ Clayton Kershaw: On the off-chance that an owner in your league is sufficiently bothered by the WHIP – pounce!

^ Justin Verlander: Relax, he’s prone to bad stretches – and this has certainly been one of them.

^ Cole Hamels: Including spring training, he’s still shown this year that he’s still got it, but the problem has been that it’s only coming in spurts.

^ Curtis Granderson: The move to New York hasn’t started on the right foot, but when he comes back healthy to a team that has already been successful this year, he’ll be in as pressure-free an environment as he could have wanted.

^ Grady Sizemore: This year, he’s healthy and in a slump, which puts him way ahead of last year.


^ Kelly Johnson: He epitomizes the phrase “unsustainable pace” as well as anyone ever has.

^ Wade LeBlanc: See Kelly Johnson.

^ Dustin Pedroia: He’s in nosebleed territory with this power level.

^ Kosuke Fukudome: Boy, the winds have really been blowing out for the amount of pop he’s shown.

^ Ivan Rodriguez: Batting average is always overrated as a positive measure for catchers (because power is the real separator), so the flashy contact level he’s demonstrating could get some owners to bite on him already.

^ Livan Hernandez: If you think he has the stuff to keep killing it like he has been, you need to surrender your fantasy owner card.

^ Carlos Silva: See Livan Hernandez.

^ Mitch Talbot: Typical hot streak by a journeyman who will look different during his next trip around the circuit.

^ Hiroki Kuroda: The ERA says “Come up for a late nightcap, Big Boy” and the WHIP says “You’re like a brother to me.”


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