Saturday, February 06, 2010

FDH Fantasy Newsletter: Volume II, Issue XLXVII

Welcome to our 71st edition of the FDH Fantasy Newsletter, as we continue to bring you weekly fantasy sports updates in addition to our usual content on Our archive of past editions is available right here on The Blog and specific links to past editions are available on the front page of

In this week's edition:

^ Super Bowl fantasy draft board
^ Super Bowl prop bets

Super Bowl Fantasy Draft Board

Utilizing the usual FDH fantasy football scoring system (4 points per passing TD, 1 point per 25 yards passing, 1 point per passing 2-point PAT, 6 points per receiving or rushing TD, 1 point per 10 yards rushing or receiving, 2 points per rushing or receiving 2-point PAT, 2 points per “big play touchdown” of 50 or more yards, 1 point per kicking PAT, 3 points per FG, with a 1-point bonus at 45 yards, a 2-point bonus at 50 yards and a 3-point bonus at 55 yards, 6 points per defensive or special teams TD, 1 point per interception, sack or fumble recovered and 2 points per safety), here is the FDH draft board for a three-round serpentine Super Bowl draft.

1 Peyton Manning
2 Drew Brees
3 Reggie Wayne
4 Dallas Clark
5 Marques Colston
6 Matt Stover
7 Reggie Bush
8 Pierre Garcon
9 Joseph Addai
10 Garrett Hartley
11 Jeremy Shockey
12 Austin Collie
13 Donald Brown
14 Pierre Thomas
15 Darren Sharper

Super Bowl Prop Bets

Here are some Super Bowl prop bets you can arrange with your friends, designed by FDH Senior Producer Steve Cirvello (forecasts made by FDH Managing Partner Rick Morris).

Rain any time during SB game: Y/N YES
National Anthem O/U 1:42 seconds long OVER
Singer Carrie Underwood wears boots: Y/N NO
Times Archie Manning shown on CBS during the game: 2.5 OVER
Times Eli Manning shown on CBS during the game: 2.5 UNDER
Times Kim Kardashian shown on CBS during the game: 2.5 OVER
Times Bourbon Street shown on CBS during the game: 2.5 OVER
Kim Kardashian wears black top: Y/N NO
Kim Kardashian wears Saints jersey: Y/N YES
Pete Townsend windmills during halftime performance: 5.5 OVER
No. of times phone number for Haitian Relief shown on CBS: 3.5 OVER
No. of times any promo for Survivor season premiere shown on CBS: 5.5 OVER
No. of times any promo for NCAA Selection Sunday show shown on CBS: 2.5 OVER
Defensive player pours Gatorade on Winning Coach: Y/N YES
Reggie with more total yardage: WAYNE
Pierre with more total yardage: GARCON


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