Sunday, August 02, 2009


We've got the only fantasy football guide you need for this year, squeezed into 18 very vital pages. FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFTOLOGY 2009 is now online, with the following features:

^ FDH draft board with: industry compilation rankings, our UQB "Ultimate Stat," dollar figures for auction leagues, bye weeks and four key statistical categories per position along with rankings in each category.

^ FDH Top 60 Overall

^ FDH Senior Editor Jason Jones' rankings by position, along with notes for each player

^ Draft Philosophy Overview

^ 2009 Fantasy Overview

^ 2009 FDH Mock Draft & Analysis

^ Don't Be That Guy

^ Injury Analysis

^ Projected Breakthroughs

^ Rookie Player Rankings

^ Overvalued Players

^ Undervalued Players

^ Suggested League Guidelines

As a bonus, we've also got some non-fantasy aspects for you as well:

^ 2009 FDH Standings/Playoff Predictions

^ 2009 NFL Draft Notebook

^ 2009 Donruss Football Classics Review


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