Wednesday, September 10, 2008

FDH Insider/Goon Squad September 10

Autumn begins tonight in earnest as the Wednesday night returns to its usual form on

On THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER (7-9 PM EDT), we review the horrible Tom Brady injury and examine what, if any, lessons are to be learned here. Also, we’ll examine the concept of Week 1 and sample sizes before moving on to our NFL Week 2 game-by-game fantasy breakdown. We’ll start that by looking at a few games before the bottom of the first hour and move past the bottom of the second hour. At that point, we’ll preview our forthcoming FANTASY HOCKEY DRAFTOLOGY 2008, which is to be released this Saturday as a free download at STN as well as the two partner sites involved, and Sportsology. We’ll give you a sneak peak at some of the material in the guide that will help you to win your hockey pools this year.

Next, on THE GOON SQUAD (9-10 PM EDT), the program makes its season debut with a review of our off-air fantasy hockey mock draft – which you will be able to find in FANTASY HOCKEY DRAFTOLOGY 2008. Our entire program will be devoted to this examination of our mock draft. What do the results of it tell us about the fantasy hockey landscape in the fall of 2008? We’ll tell you.

Be sure to join us tonight for the greatest three hours you will find anywhere, only on STN!


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