Wednesday, October 17, 2007

NFL Week 7 Fantasy Notes

Sunday, Oct. 21
Arizona at Washington 1:00 pm Rattay's presence doesn't downgrade the Cardinal weapons enough for them to be benched. Stay out of the Washington WR morass until a consistent picture emerges.
Atlanta at New Orleans 1:00 pm Neither Falcons QB has the weapons to succeed, so don't worry about who has the job. Stecker is still not worth anything.
Baltimore at Buffalo 1:00 pm Notwithstanding the fact that the Bills' O will run better with Edwards, no WRs are worth starting here. Mason is back to being an every-week starter like he was prior to 2006.
Minnesota at Dallas 1:00 pm Crayton is the only marginal player worth a look here. We do not consider either Cowboy RB as marginal at this point with the firepower of the offense.
New England at Miami 1:00 pm When the league's best and worst teams meet on the field, the advice will be predictable: no non-Brown Dolphins and all-in on the Pats.
San Francisco at N.Y. Giants 1:00 pm Beware of Smith and Davis even if they're healthy enough to play. Jacobs will have room to run with the success of the passing game.
Tampa Bay at Detroit 1:00 pm Notwithstanding the great run-blocking in Tampa this year, wait until RB Bennett gets acclimated before he's worth consideration. Kitna's thoughts will probably be heeded, which means a greater role for WR Johnson as we have predicted.
Tennessee at Houston 1:00 pm We've been down on RB Green the whole season, so we told you so! Continue to beware. RB White, however, could run wild.
Kansas City at Oakland 4:05 pm Jordan will have a nice game. Don't buy the hype on Holmes.
N.Y. Jets at Cincinnati 4:05 pm Has there ever been a time in the history of the league when teams at a combined 2-9 merited an all-in recommendation? This is probably the first.
Chicago at Philadelphia 4:15 pm Berrian's pretty close to an every-week starter with a QB who's not great, but not a complete waste of protoplasm. WR Curtis is not yet consistent, but has an opportunity here against a banged-up defense.
St. Louis at Seattle 4:15 pm Go all-in with your 'Hawks in a huge bounce-back game.
Pittsburgh at Denver 8:15 pm All-in on the Steelers and maximum restraint on the circling-the-drain Broncos.

Monday, Oct. 22
Indianapolis at Jacksonville, 8:30 pm For both teams, it's a game like any other: start just about every Colt and only go with Jax RBs.

Bye: Carolina, Cleveland, Green Bay, San Diego


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