Thursday, October 11, 2007

NFL Week 6 Fantasy Notes

Sunday, Oct. 14
Cincinnati at Kansas City 1:00 pm Bowe will thrive as KC should be playing from behind. Watch a returning Kenny Perry for potential use later in the season.
Houston at Jacksonville 1:00 pm The prototypical “no marginal players” game.
Miami at Cleveland 1:00 pm With Jamal Lewis’ shaky foot, Jason Wright is a good dark horse candidate for production here. Edwards is a marginal WR worth starting, Chambers is not due to the QB chaos.
Minnesota at Chicago 1:00 pm Don’t start any marginal players here – and contrary to what anybody at “The Worldwide Leader” may tell you, there’s only one Adrian Peterson worth your time here.
Philadelphia at N.Y. Jets 1:00 pm In the battle of green unis, say yes to WRs Curtis, Brown and Coles. Say no to Thomas Jones if you possibly can.
St. Louis at Baltimore 1:00 pm The McNair/Mason battery should be recharged here. Beware of Leonard, who will not have another big game against the Ravens.
Tennessee at Tampa Bay 1:00 pm Another “no marginal players” game – and this includes RB Graham, who doesn’t have anything beyond his starting status to even begin to recommend him.
Washington at Green Bay 1:00 pm Greg Jennings is the borderline play worth making in this one.
Carolina at Arizona 4:05 pm After a week of telling you to bench RBs Foster and Williams, we say turn them loose again.
New England at Dallas 4:15 pm Duh! All in!
Oakland at San Diego 4:15 pm Don’t get sucked in by the admittedly improved Raider offense here and go with WR Jackson only if you have few other good options.
New Orleans at Seattle 8:15 pm NBC’s most horrible game of the year will actually be a very good fantasy matchup, earning another “all in” call in terms of your marginal players.

Monday, Oct. 15
N.Y. Giants at Atlanta, 8:30 pm It’s almost a broken record at this point, but no non-gimme (i.e. non-Crumpler) Falcons and definitely play Jacobs and Manning in the leagues where they might be at all marginal (8-team leagues and potentially 10-team leagues).

Bye: Buffalo, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, San Francisco


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