Saturday, September 22, 2007

NFL Week 3 Fantasy Notes

Sunday, Sept. 23
Arizona at Baltimore 1:00 pm Mason continues to merit consideration in what could be a resurgent season.
Buffalo at New England 1:00 pm All-in with the Pats (like we said last week), no marginal Bills.
Detroit at Philadelphia 1:00 pm Young WRs Brown and Johnson are worth starting here.
Indianapolis at Houston 1:00 pm Schaub isn't worth a look without Andre Johnson.
Miami at N.Y. Jets 1:00 pm Start Chambers and stay away from both starting RBs if at all possible.
Minnesota at Kansas City 1:00 pm Don't start any marginal Chiefs or Vikings.
San Diego at Green Bay 1:00 pm Keep looking to Favre after the efforts of both of these teams last week.
San Francisco at Pittsburgh 1:00 pm Both QBs should be sitting.
St. Louis at Tampa Bay 1:00 pm Cadillac yes, Bruce no, and don't hedge for a minute on starting Bulger.
Cincinnati at Seattle 4:05 pm The Hasselbeck-Branch battery is going to have a lot of juice this week.
Cleveland at Oakland 4:05 pm Many borderline players are worth starting here: Lewis and Edwards (but not Anderson) for the Browns, Jordan and Curry for the Raiders.
Jacksonville at Denver 4:05 pm Don't start any marginal players in this game either.
Carolina at Atlanta 4:15 pm Both Panther RBs remain worthy starters.
N.Y. Giants at Washington 4:15 pm Yet another "don't start marginal players" game.
Dallas at Chicago 8:15 pm Start Berrian and consider Witten even in the few no-mandatory-TE leagues out there.

Monday, Sept. 24
Tennessee at New Orleans, 8:30 pm Yes on Young, and much like Bulger, you can't even consider sitting Brees now.


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