Wednesday, August 29, 2007

College football draft results/preemption tomorrow

Last Thursday night on THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER, we held a college football team draft. Here's a recap of the format and the guidelines. By the way, we will not be on this Thursday night from 9-11 PM EDT as per usual on due to programming that will coincide with the final Cleveland Browns preseason game and due to a Rush concert that I will be attending AND covering for our new sister blog, The FDH Lounge blog.

Here's how everything shook out. The first pick went to STN President Paul Belfi, with STN show host Tony Mazur picking second, STN show host/producer Anthony Petrone selecting third, FDH football analyst Mike Vili in the fourth spot, I, Rick Morris, picking fifth and my FDH partner Jason Jones picking sixth. This was a standard serpentine draft.

1. Paul: USC
2. Tony: West Virginia (NOTE: Slight surprise here, as Tony chooses the Mountaineers over LSU due to the gaping difference in schedule strength.)
3. Anthony: LSU
4. Mike: Michigan
5. Rick: Virginia Tech
6. Jason: Wisconsin

ROUND TWO (NOTE: Whether as a matter of conscious strategy or not, Jason, Anthony, Paul and I ended up doubling up on teams from the same conference with our first two picks.)
1. Jason: Ohio State
2. Rick: Louisville
3. Mike: Texas
4. Anthony: Florida
5. Tony: Oklahoma
6. Paul: California

1. Paul: Penn State
2. Tony: Auburn
3. Anthony: Rutgers
4. Mike: Georgia
5. Rick: Tennessee
6. Jason: Arkansas

1. Jason: Nebraska
2. Rick: Boise State
3. Mike: UCLA
4. Anthony: TCU
5. Tony: Hawaii (NOTE: Tony feels that the Rainbows' always strong offense will be absolutely unbeatable this year.)
6. Paul: Florida State

1. Paul: Alabama (NOTE: Paul goes "name brand" on football programs for the fourth time in five rounds)
2. Tony: Texas A&M
3. Anthony: Boston College
4. Mike: South Carolina
5. Rick: South Florida (NOTE: With three Big East teams, I should at least lead the league in wins!)
6. Jason: Wake Forest

1. Jason: Oregon State
2. Rick: Texas Tech
3. Mike: Southern Miss
4. Anthony: Kentucky
5. Tony: BYU
6. Paul: Arizona State

1. Paul: Notre Dame (NOTE: Another "name value" program for Belfi -- too bad this is the year they actually have a tough schedule!)
2. Tony: Clemson
3. Anthony: Georgia Tech
4. Mike: Miami
5. Rick: Western Michigan (NOTE: Before anyone labels me a "MAC homer," note that I did not take my Bobcats!)
6. Jason: Iowa


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