Saturday, August 11, 2007

FDH Lounge Show #14: August 12, 2007

On Show #14 for THE FDH LOUNGE (Sunday evening from 8-11 PM EDT on, your Dignitaries will again break down anything and everything going on in the world today on the show "where nothing is off topic."

In Hour One, after the Dignitaries have made their opening statements, we examine the political "silly season" that has gripped the presidential race. All of a sudden, absurd irrelevancies about the candidates and their families are all the rage. From the Washington Post covering Hillary's alleged "cleavage" on the Senate floor to Rudy's daughter allegedly wanting to become an "Obama Girl" to Joe Scarborough wondering aloud if Fred Thompson's wife has ever "worked the pole," we are waist-deep in titillating if meaningless dribble of an "infotainment" nature (and let's not forget Nancy Pelosi being rated as the 4th-hottest person on Capitol Hill!). It's not like we've got nothing better to analyze, right? We've only got gazillions of jihad-monsters after us world-wide, the Chinese threatening to sink our currency, debt up to our eyeballs that is going to get worse when Social Security and Medicare sink under the weight of the Baby Boomers and a government in hock to every special interest and earmark gravy-trainer under the sun -- but let's worry about Fred Thompson having a hot wife and every other stupid story under the sun!

Once we've vented our spleen in Hour One, it's time to take the edge off in Hour Two with a look at the movies. Our Chief Entertainment Dignitary Samantha Schiedemantle breaks down the Simpsons flick and so much more. From there: sports entertainment runs into the real world. Vince McMahon escalated his feud with Congress' self-appointed watchdog Henry Waxman in an incredibly self-destructive performance on national TV Monday night and Waxman quickly tightened the noose. Where is this train wreck headed for Vinny Mac and the industry as a whole? Plus, the buffoons at TNA are blocked by court order from having everyone's favorite thug and degenerate Pacman Jones participate on their aptly-named Hard Justice pay-per-view. Cue the usual idiots in the media saying, "I thought wrestling was fake; how could he get hurt?"

In Hour Three, the apex of the steroid era in baseball crested when Barry Bonds hit Home Run #756 -- right on the heels of this year's Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony, an event that did not include Mark McGwire in his first year of eligibility. Of this era's roid monsters, who gets in and who does not and why? Also, the ESPN Super-Mega Monster Hype Machine proudly boasted that they televised the final 300th win last Sunday night when Tom Glavine hit the magic number. But we will see pitchers win 300 games in the future, although not for awhile. Why? Because of something the media is not telling you -- and you can only hear it on THE FDH LOUNGE this Sunday night!


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