Wednesday, August 22, 2007

2007 College Football Team Draft

We will be holding our College Football Team Draft on THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER program (9-11 PM EDT on this Thursday night. We're going to provide you with our suggested league guidelines and our draft board as well.

First, the suggested guidelines. Take 6 owners and conduct a 7-round standard draft. Points will be assigned at four intervals: when the September 30 Associated Press poll is released, when the October 28 Associated Press poll is released, when the December 2 Associated Press poll is released and when the final BCS poll is released after the national championship game. The September 30 poll accounts for 20% of the total score (with the exception of the bonus points, which are mentioned below), the October 28 poll accounts for 20% of the total score, the December 2 poll accounts for 20% of the total score and the final BCS poll accounts for 40% of the total score.

For the first three polls, scoring is as follows: 1st place (50 points), 2nd place (45 points), 3rd place (43 points), 4th place (42 points), 5th place (41 points), 6th place (38 points), 7th place (37 points), 8th place (36 points), 9th place (35 points), 10th place (34 points), 11th place (30 points), 12th place (29 points), 13th place (28 points), 14th place (27 points), 15th place (26 points), 16th place (22 points), 17th place (21 points), 18th place (20 points), 19th place (19 points), 20th place (18 points), 21st place (13 points), 22nd place (12 points), 23rd place (11 points), 24th place (10 points), 25th place (9 points). Points are doubled in the final poll, since it accounts for twice the point total of each of the three previous ones.

Additional bonuses are awarded for the following accomplishments: 25 points for winning the BCS Title Game, 10 points for earning a spot in the BCS Title Game, 12 points for winning a BCS Bowl Game, 6 points for earning a spot in a BCS Bowl Game, 5 points for winning a non-BCS bowl game, 10 points for having the Heisman Trophy winner on one of your teams.

We should note, not in our role as Ohio State fans, but in our role as your ultimate fantasy resource, that has an outstanding "consensus poll" similar to what we use on our draft boards for the major sports. They have averaged together every major poll from magazines, news services and other credible outlets and arrived at a consensus ranking for this year's teams. Check it out.

Without further ado, our 2007 draft board:

1. USC
2. LSU
3. West Virginia

4. Virginia Tech
5. Michigan
6. Wisconsin
7. Louisville
8. Oklahoma
9. Texas
10. Florida

11. Ohio State
12. Rutgers
13. California
14. Penn State
15. Auburn
16. Tennessee
17. Georgia
18. Arkansas
19. Boise State

20. TCU
21. UCLA
22. Nebraska
23. Florida State
24. Hawaii
25. Texas A&M

26. Boston College
27. South Carolina
28. Alabama
29. South Florida
30. Texas Tech
31. Oregon State
32. Wake Forest
33. Southern Miss
34. BYU
35. Arizona State
36. Georgia Tech
37. Notre Dame
38. Clemson
39. Kentucky
40. Western Michigan
41. Miami
42. Iowa
43. Oklahoma State


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