Sunday, May 06, 2007

FDH Lounge Show #7: May 6, 2007

EDIT: Program hours are 8-11 PM EDT. How could we forget?

We've got another loaded FDH LOUNGE program for you tonight on as we traverse the worlds of sports, politics, celebrities and beyond:

HOUR ONE: "Opening Statements" from the Dignitaries, the debut of our "Conspiracy Theory" segment (tonight: how MLB rigged the Great Home Run Chase of '98) and the start of our "Lounge News Nuggets" segment.

HOUR TWO: More "Lounge News Nuggets" as we tackle a multiplicity of topics beginning towards the end of Hour One (Imus' lawsuit against CBS, Paris Hilton goes to the hole, Ring of Honor's pay-per-view deal, the International Herald Tribune runs an advertisement from the government of Iran for help with its nuclear facilities, John McCain's stumbles in the Republican presidential debate and the Cleveland Indians become perhaps the first team in baseball history to lose a game when their opponents are retroactively awarded a run. Plus, we review Spiderman 3 with very clear thoughts on whether or not it is worth your money.

HOUR THREE: We conclude the Spiderman 3 segment before delivering a comprehensive review of the NFL Draft and then a look back at yesterday's huge events in the world of sports (Street Sense's historic Kentucky Derby win and the closer-than-expected megafight in Vegas between Mayweather and De La Hoya).

Join us tonight, and as usual, we're happy to hear from our Lounge Lizards in the audience via our phone lines at (216) 881-9600 or (866) 453-4STC or via email at .


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