Sunday, May 20, 2007

FDH Lounge Show #7: May 20, 2007

On tonight's eighth episode of The Great American Radio Show on Internet TV, THE FDH LOUNGE (available only on from 8-11 PM EDT), we bring you more of the variety we have made our staple through our first seven programs.

In our first hour, after we hear the Opening Statements from The Dignitaries of The FDH Lounge, we will examine the horrible bill that Congress and President Bush are trying to ram down our throats that would award amnesty to illegal aliens. Say goodbye to America as we know it! Also, the Fred Thompson-Michael Moore feud escalated this week with Thompson's memorable in-your-face web video. Is the hapless Moore Thompson's stepping stool to the presidency?

In hour two, it's time to review the movie that changed Hollywood 30 years ago this week, the original Star Wars flick. This movie almost singlehandedly created the summer blockbuster era. Are we better or worse off for the changes that Star Wars and its imitators have made to our movies? Then, we review the new albums from Rush and Linkin Park. Warning: we are not happy! From there, we tackle a completely original topic: is there such a thing as sexual bigotry? Terry Moran from ABC News made the completely asinine take the the Duke lacrosse players are bad guys because they requested at least one white stripper. Are people bigots because they may not be attracted to all types or races?

In hour three, we look at 10 years of interleague play in baseball. Along with three divisions and the wild card, it's changed the game completely -- but for the better or the worse? Then we interview a great sports blogger, Zach Landres-Schnur from The Big Picture.

As usual, we invite your phone calls and emails to the program. We are very interactive, and as such, two of tonight's segments were developed by suggestions from callers or emailers. Tune in to the only show anywhere where nothing is off-topic, THE FDH LOUNGE!


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