Thursday, May 10, 2007

FDH Insider tonight and NFL Draft grades

EDITED TO INCLUDE NFL DRAFT GRADES: These are our grades for each NFL team from Draft Weekend 2007. Grades reflect the totality of moves made involving the 2007 Draft (i.e. acquisitions of Matt Schaub, Randy Moss, etc.) and extra draft picks being acquired for present and future drafts (i.e. Dallas' moves):

A+: none
A: Carolina, New England
A-: none
B+: Atlanta, Buffalo, Minnesota, Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco, Tampa Bay
B: Cleveland, Dallas, Indianapolis, Kansas City
B-: Houston, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Pittsburgh
C+: Arizona, Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, New York Giants, St. Louis
C: Denver, New York Jets, Seattle
C-: Philadelphia, Tennessee
D+: Miami, Washington
D: Green Bay
D-: none
F: none

Tonight, on the FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER (9-11 PM EDT on, we bring you a wide cross-section of FDH programming:

9:00 PM: In honor of this movie becoming the highest-grossing first-weekend flick of all time, we bring you an encore presentation of our Spiderman 3 review and breakdown from last Sunday night's FDH LOUNGE. Is it worth seeing? We'll tell you. Don't worry, no spoilers!

9:30 PM: We'll take a look at top-level baseball prospects who are making their debuts. Some of baseball's finest high-ceiling prospects have come up this season, many earlier than expected. What are they likely to do? We'll examine.

9:55 PM: We transition our months-long NFL Draft breakdown to the ways that it altered the 2007 fantasy football landscape. Which offenses gained the most? Which ones dropped the ball on opportunities to improve? And lastly, who are the top fantasy rookies for the 2007 season?


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