Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday night fantasy agenda

It's another great night of fantasy sports action with THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on tonight from 9-11 PM EDT.

9 PM: We carry over our fantasy hockey talk from our lead-in program NORTHCOAST HOCKEY TONIGHT. By the way, NORTHCOAST HOCKEY TONIGHT moves to 5-7 PM EDT next Thursday, April 5, to make way for our flagship football program on STC, THE ORANGE AND BROWN REPORT. The fantasy program remains from 9-11 PM EDT.

9:10 PM: We begin our last-minute fantasy baseball Draft Day or Auction Day preparation. We will evaluate a "fantasy busts" list from The Hardball Times, examine my experiences in the last week to draw lessons for silent auction leagues, break down all fantasy positions, and check the last minute news (i.e. the Jorge Julio trade making him a closer again -- yay for keeper league Julio owners such as me!).

10:40 PM: We resume our NFL Draft coverage with position-by-position analysis.

Check the blog Friday for a large assortment of Draft Day goodies courtesy of Also, check for details on how to order our 2007 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide.


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