Sunday, March 25, 2007

FDH Lounge Show #5: March 25, 2007

It's the Fifth Show Anniversary for the FDH LOUNGE tonight on from 8-11 PM as our every-other-week program returns with a flourish.

We begin by examining the Fred Thompson for President movement as this famous former Senator and actor has the chance to turn the 2008 race upside down. This folksy gent from Tennessee is intimidating both the Democrats and his fellow Republicans alike right now as he ponders his possibilities. Will he run, and what are his chances?

From there, we review the hot movie "300," we break down an Internet bracket rating the hottest female sportscasters, we provide your first preview anywhere of the Final Four, we preview Wrestlemania 23 next week and we bring on our friend Joe Aiello from the Big League Baseball Report podcast and The View from the Bleachers website for our 2007 MLB season preview.

Plus, we'll hear from two of the Dignitaries of the FDH LOUNGE on location as Tim Foust provides a perspective of what it's like to go to an NHL game for the first time (at Nationwide Arena in Columbus) and Jim Kushlan reports live from the LeBron vs. Carmelo (or Cavs vs. Nuggets) matchup at the Q in Cleveland.

Catch us live (or later on the archives, if you must) on tonight from 8-11 PM EDT.

NOTE: Edited to correct from "Show #4" to "Show #5" in the heading.


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