Thursday, June 22, 2006

Phil's collapse at the US Open worked for someone

Namely, me. Those of you with keen memories will recall that I selected Geoff Ogilvy on my fantasy golf team in the 6th round of our draft on I am now in first place. Yay Lefty! Way to come through for me.

Thursday night's Insider on (from 8-10 PM EDT) will be a unique one. We have discussed in recent weeks the power rankings we have been working on for the Big Four sports involving a concept called standard deviation from the mean. In short, this stat measures strength in all major categories and blends the numbers together in a way to better help measure player production. We used this first in hockey last year and were the first fantasy outlet to proclaim the coming fantasy stardom of Marc Savard, so we have a track record already.

We'll start in the first half hour by discussing next year's hockey and basketball draft boards and the corresponding power ranking numbers. From there, we will segue into football and then baseball at about 8:45 PM EDT. The last half hour of the show will be our final preview of the NBA Draft, our forthcoming 102-page E-Book and our live draft show next Wednesday night on STC.

As always, we will work to keep our discussions very easy to understand and filled with knowledge that you can use to dominate your leagues. We are all about finding value in fantasy drafts and auctions and our new statistical formulas will be another potent weapon in the Fantasy Drafthelp arsenal.


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