Thursday, June 15, 2006

2006 football and hockey draft boards are up!

Beta versions available right now! Football AND hockey, with hoops on the way shortly. You can be that these will be discussed on the Insider on Thursday night at 8 PM EDT on

8 PM: Next season's football, hockey and hoops draft boards and early analysis.

8:30 PM: We are joined by baseball analyst Tim Foust for further discussion on the role of a commissioner in a fantasy league, keeper and non-keeper league trade strategies and a look back at predicted progressions and regressions to the mean from the month of April. Additionally, we'll open up the mailbag from the past week as Tim and my co-host Jason Jones can critique the advice I have provided.

9:40 PM: Jason and I continue our look ahead to the NBA Draft on June 28 and our draft special at 7 PM EDT that night -- as well as our forthcoming 102-page NBA Draft E-book which will be available for free download on

Check out the draft boards and the show!


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