Thursday, May 04, 2006

Odds and ends and Thursday's show

I mentioned during my blogging during the NFL Draft that I was going to be curious to learn more about why Ashton Youboty fell so far. No concrete answer has surfaced, but apparently questions about sporadic breakdowns seen on film. To me, this is a perfect example of the overanalyzing that takes place during the "Silly Season" leading up to the draft, in which the media and NFL decision-makers give undue weight to stupid concerns. As much as I piled on Marv Levy for his first-round reaches, and justifiably so, he got one of the bargains of the draft when Youboty dropped in the third round. It doesn't come close to evening out for him, though. Failing to get value in the first round is not forgivable.

The greatest fantasy basketball player in the world took another step forward tonight, winning a classic for his team.

Everyone's postseason hockey pools are in disarray. That's why the playoffs are a crapshoot, folks.

Before I preview tomorrow night's Insider on (8-10 PM EST), let me take a quick look back at last week. Specifically, the discussion of baseball "buy and sell" included a discussion about "regression to the mean" and "progression to the mean." New baseball analyst Tim Foust referenced the "Vin Baker exception" to the progression rule. We'll amplify that on Thursday's show.

8 PM: Our "fantasy potpourri" moves into an area we've never explored before: fantasy Triple Crown. Our STC and analysts will come together to select horses for the three big races, starting with this Saturday's Kentucky Derby. How will the blistering pace forecast by the experts affect the outcome? Tune in and find out. I should note that we will be joined by STC's foremost horse racing expert, Bob Glassman, host of THE TRUTH HURTS WITH BOB GLASSMAN (Monday nights from 7-8 PM EDT on STC) -- and I plug that show not merely because he has utilized me as an occasional sidekick! Bob is also the genius behind the Lebronmeter, the site dedicated to measuring the chances that Lebron James will re-sign with the Cleveland Cavs this offseason.

8:30 PM: Before we leave the examination of niche fantasy sports, we will further develop our fantasy boxing game, which will be rolled out on May 25. STC boxing experts Jason Jones and Don Peterson, hosts of the weekend show THE SQUARED CIRCLE, will offer their thoughts on this summer's boxing schedule.

8:45 PM: Fantasy baseball talk resumes with a look at more "buy, sell and hold" candidates, along with the "Vin Baker prototypes." These are the players who might otherwise be expected to "progress to the mean," (i.e. bounce back from slow starts to meet at least a marginal standard the rest of the way) but may not necessarily.

9:30 PM: Jason and I will bring the NFL Draft post-analysis, fresh off our 10 1/2 hour marathon coverage on Saturday. Who were the winners and losers? We'll break it down for you.

As usual, check out our show archives here.


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