Thursday, June 01, 2006

Get your draft on -- World Cup style!

That's right, we're drafting World Cup teams Thursday night at 8 PM on THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on -- and we've got our draft board and suggested league guidelines posted here. Check it out; it will bring a different twist to your summer sports viewing.

The agenda in full:

8 PM: Our mock draft for selection of World Cup teams. We certainly will draft anything, anytime, anywhere and we continue to prove that.

8:50 PM: We take a quick look back at last week's fantasy boxing draft and the first bouts of our "summer season" that get underway starting this weekend.

9 PM: Fantasy baseball talk gets underway with baseball analyst Tim Foust. The topics? How to manage the duties of a league commissioner and how to properly appreciate value (hint -- with the greatest value pick of this century in fantasy baseball or any other sport).

9:45 PM: NBA Draft talk resumes with my co-host and STC's premier basketball expert, Jason Jones.

Tune in. You won't regret it at all.

In the news ...

Jayson Stark is a smart man. He's on top of the Roger Clemens signing implications.

Jim Edmonds going to the DL? Shocking.

Phil Nevin back in the NL? Use your FAAB for this grab.

One more weapon, potentially, for Eddie Jordan. Not good for my Cavs and other teams in the East.

One of the greatest fantasy blueliners, and one of the more underlooked ones, stays put in Toronto.

And, what the hey. My boys are showing me some love, giving props to me for the idea of a show-related blog. So here's the love back, from my blog to theirs.


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