Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The full spectrum of fantasy sports Thursday

We pride ourselves on covering the entire spectrum of fantasy sports on The Insider (Thursdays on from 8-10 PM). But this should be the case more than ever this Thursday night on the Insider.

It's our two-year anniversary show, as well as being my birthday, so we're extra fired-up for a big program. Here's what we've got:

8 PM: We take our usual spin around the world of niche fantasy sports, looking back first at our Triple Crown draft from last Thursday and then a look ahead at our first fantasy boxing mock draft on the program, scheduled for May 25.

8:20 PM: We move slightly more into the fantasy mainstream, talking basketball and hockey -- but not more playoff talk. It's our first look at next year already! We start planting the seeds right now about where players should be slotted. Speaking of which, here's a top goalie for 2006-07 if he returns and if he can conquer the "glass groin."

8:30 PM: Our friend, baseball contributor Tim Foust stops by to help us keep breaking down the "Vin Baker" and "Brian Giles" candidates of 2006 (more about that below).

9:20 PM: More "next season" fantasy talk -- this time about football! It's the first look you'll find anywhere at the 2006 fantasy football season and how to rate all the gridiron stars.

9:40 PM: We cap off our show with an early look at the NBA Draft. My co-host Jason Jones and I are in the early stages of preparing what should be a 102-page E-book about the draft and we'll share our early observations.

We always say that we've got the fastest-paced two hours on STC every week, but arguably, this is the case more than ever tomorrow night.

The "Baker" candidates from last week included Marcus Giles and Livan Hernandez. We'll have a lot of "Baker" and "B. Giles" possibilities tomorrow night.

Somebody's horning in on our concept of being the broadest-based fantasy brand out there. I'm not thrilled.

The Mario Williams draft fiasco claims its first victim, as we indicated on Draft Day.

Good move passing on this guy, Hawks.

Grab this guy on waivers right now, kiddies.

See you on Thursday night for the gigantic show.


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