Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Boxing Mock Draft Thursday Night!

This Thursday at 8 PM on the Insider on, we move into new and uncharted territory -- boxing. Here's the agenda:

8 PM: Our boxing mock draft, which focuses on the biggest fights of the summer of '06. Your draft board and suggested league guidelines may be found here.

9 PM: We move to fantasy baseball as we scan the week's news and notes and look back at the draft board for 2006. How's that Top 25 looking in retrospect?

9:40 PM: NBA draft coverage resumes with our expert Jason Jones. We'll take a sneak peek at his first mock draft after the lottery situation shook out Tuesday night. Incidentally, I don't quite understand coverage like this. I don't see where the top pick is going to help the team that much. No Lebron, no Yao, no Shaq Daddy, no Big Fundamental in this draft -- and many of the top picks project as power forwards at the NBA level. That's certainly the least of the Raps' needs, especially if developing franchise player Chris Bosh re-signs as expected. So we'll certainly have much to talk about tomorrow night and in the weeks to come. This will, of course, include the 102-page NBA Draft E-Book, which we will have available for free download on at least a week prior to the draft. And it will also include our NBA Draft Show on STC on June 28 at 7 PM. If you heard Jason and I tear it up for 10 1/2 hours on NFL Draft Day, you have a taste of what we have up our sleeve.

Other notes of note:

* "Listed at 36 years old ..." I love the cynicism, and it's entirely justified. He will bounce back in Queens, though.

* Not good if you picked him up after the promotion. Wait and see, though, before you panic. Rash moves are no friend of top fantasy owners.

* I've heard of asbestos abatement. Is there such an industry as crack cocaine abatement?

* Will this guy go higher in fantasy drafts next year because he's now a max player? My guess is no, because he was already highly respected in fantasy circles. But maybe he gets a new respect now as a max player. It's worth monitoring.

* Ooh, a blog to promote your show. How freakin' original! I have to promote this, though, because these guys are my friends and co-workers and there's a lot of good sports talk on there, especially for Cleveland sports fans.


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