Thursday, May 18, 2006

Another rockin' show Thursday

First, choke on this, Tim Legler, king of the Lebron-haters. The Cavs don't play in Summit County anymore, so this can't be the "Miracle of Richfield II," but 30 years later, the magic is back. Although all of the "experts" on ESPN will still be saying "Pistons in 7" when/if Cleveland puts it away at home Friday night.

Now putting the soapbox away ...

Let me remind all of you good folks to tune in for THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on this Thursday night at 8 PM. We've got lots of goodies for you as per usual.

8 PM: We will have greetings from our founder, former co-host and occasional contributor Nathan Noy on the occasion of the show's second anniversary.

8:15 PM: Our niche sports examination continues with a look at the upcoming hockey offseason and how the status of stars like Dominik Hasek and Peter Forsberg will affect the fantasy market.

8:25 PM: We prepare for next Thursday's fantasy boxing mock draft with a first look at the boxing draft board and a preview of the draft.

8:35 PM: Attention turns to baseball as we examine key injuries and the breakout players of 2006.

9:30 PM: We take our second look at the NBA Draft and we will preview our live draft analysis show on June 28.

The best pitcher in baseball vs. the man who could be pushing him for that title in a year or so. The future wins.

All this speculation when we know he will end up in Houston.

Can Nadal do it when it counts in Paris? He did last year. He could be the fantasy steal of the year on that circuit.

Wow, at this rate, Ashley Lelie might turn into a fantasy underachiever this year. Insert chuckling emoticon here.


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