Sunday, April 23, 2006

NFL Draft E-Book online!

And it's FREE! Thanks to our partnership with, the 2006 Pro Football Draft E-Book is now online. Go get it here.

Jason Jones and myself worked ourselves nearly into a coma to get this done, but we could not be happier with how it came out and the early feedback. Speaking of Jason, you may view his latest missive on the NFL Draft here.

How about NBA and NHL playoff predictions? We'll go out on a limb.

Also, our Stanley Cup Playoff and NBA Playoff draft boards have been online on for days now. Our mock draft from Thursday night is included on the Stanley Cup Playoff board page.

Now, on to a recap of our Insider show on As mentioned, we staged a hockey playoff mock draft and we also discussed the basketball draft board and continued to ponder how to set up a fantasy boxing league. Additionally, we debuted new baseball analyst Tim Foust as he and I disagreed on whether to buy or sell Brandon Phillips, Jeff Francoeur, Mike Mussina and Chris Shelton. We agreed about Hanley Ramirez, Garrett Atkins, Ichiro and Joe Blanton. Check out the archives here.

This week's show, which will air as usual on Thursday night from 8-10 PM EDT, will be jam-packed, with in-season baseball analysis, an early look at next week's Triple Crown draft and lots more NFL Draft coverage in preparation for Saturday's big show from Noon to 6 PM EDT on STC. We will have a more detailed preview by midweek as per usual.

The greatest combination of quality and quantity in terms of sports events is now underway.

This player is at a position that is not traditionally highly coveted in the draft, but may be the best athlete in the draft.

And somebody's been following the facts that have been dug up by my associate Nathan Noy about baseball and amphetamines.


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