Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The most jam-packed Thursday night yet

This edition of THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on (Thursday from 8-10 PM EDT, following another production, NORTH COAST HOCKEY TONIGHT from 6-8 PM EDT) is probably our most loaded program yet since we expanded to two hours last month. Some periods of the year are busier than others, and there is so much going on in the world of sports right now.

8 PM: Our weekly "fantasy potpourri" segment looking at the world of niche sports will cover a lot of ground. The mock drafts that we conducted on our show for regular season basketball and hockey were, of course, scored -- and there's nothing like winning an "expert's league," now, is there? The winners get unveiled, as we also look at our in-season "expert's leagues" for playoff hockey, golf and, yes, pro wrestling! Additionally, we'll pick the brain of our producer, Don Pederson and my co-host, Jason Jones, the hosts of THE SQUARED CIRCLE (Saturdays, 2-3 PM EDT on as we move towards finalizing a recommended fantasy boxing format for our listeners.

8:30 PM: Fantasy baseball talk picks up with new baseball analyst Tim Foust, who will be in-studio with Jason and I. He made his debut on the show last week via phone and was quite willing to mix it up with me as we debated "buy and sell" advice on noteworthy players. Sparks will fly when he, Jason and I are sharing a studio for our roundtable tomorrow night.

9:20 PM: This could be termed our "segue segment" as we move from fantasy baseball to the NFL Draft -- and we will examine what the NFL Draft has in common with fantasy sports and the processes involved in each.

9:30 PM: And here we move, inevitably, to our final NFL Draft preview for this year on the INSIDER. Jason and I will get you ready for our 6-hour broadcast on STC from Noon to 6 PM EDT on Saturday. As I have mentioned repeatedly, I will be liveblogging the proceedings here all day long on Saturday, balancing that with my in-studio work to deliver the perspective in every possible way. Let me mention once again that the 64-page draft preview E-book we compiled can be downloaded for free right here.

Jason and I have looked ahead to the NFL Draft for months now, and it's hard to believe that this huge day is almost upon us. Jason's excitement is evident on his blog.

Meanwhile, this guy's out of a job, but you've got to think that there's a prosthetic endorsement deal out there somewhere for him.


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