Saturday, April 15, 2006

About that announcement ...

on the FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on Thursday night (8-10 PM EDT), we announced that not only would be be compiling a 64-page NFL Draft E-book in conjunction with available for free download on April 21 -- not only would we be producing and participating in all-day draft coverage on SportsTalkCleveland on April 29 -- but that we would be liveblogging the NFL Draft on April 29 as well. We will be providing our analysis right here all day long, in addition to the broadcasting that we will undertake. All in all, you need look no further than and for your best NFL Draft coverage anywhere.

Also on the show Thursday night, we broke down the buy (Ichiro, Oliver Perez and Jeff Weaver), sell (Chris Shelton, Casey Blake, Bronson Arroyo and Jason Jennings) and hold (David Wright, Victor Martinez, Travis Hafner and Tom Glavine) candidates through the first two weeks of the season. As always, all advice is predicated on a motivated buyer or seller on the other end of the equation. We also revealed the outlines for a fantasy boxing draft board and suggested league guidelines that will be featured soon on the show and on

As usual, we urge you to check out show archives here.

Hope you didn't bid too high on this guy.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I hope that the day is a good and hopeful one for all.


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