Tuesday, April 25, 2006

30 full years ago ...

Rick Monday saved the American flag from some treasonous wackos. Here's hoping this incident never repeats itself, but I am sadly dubious that it won't.

Favre's back. He's probably still a Top 10 fantasy quarterback in 2006, if only because the Packers will still be horrible and he'll be passing the ball an awful lot. New coach Mike McCarthy has worked with him before also and should be able to tailor schemes to his remaining strengths.

Now Carolina needs a cornerback. Will it affect their first-round draft strategy? There should be some good cornerbacks going in the second half of the first round.

Last year, on SportsTalkCleveland.com's Draft Day super-extravaganza, I said that Ronnie Brown could become the top running back in the NFL. Perhaps it could happen in 2006, since Ricky Williams is officially gone. Ronnie Brown may very well be a Top 5 fantasy back this season.

Do you believe in the Madden Curse? Put your money where your mouth is.

EDIT: If I say I'm going to let this document speak for itself, then that's what I need to do and to not mention any one team that is listed. My original preface to this link did not let this scientific study speak for itself. If you didn't read the previous verbiage, then hopefully you can draw your own conclusions in an untainted manner.


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