Monday, June 25, 2012


Our publication 2012 PRO HOOPS DRAFTOLOGY is now available for your 2012 NBA Draft needs.  And it also contains other content, including a first fantasy look-ahead to 2012-13!  Here is a listing of the contents:
Page 1: Guide overview, Talent overview
Pages 2-4: Top 30 regardless of position
Pages 5-6: Detailed breakdown of the nuances of top players
Page 7: Logical trade scenarios, Strength of draft by position
Page 8: Preview of Fantasy Drafthelp ultimate fantasy hoops stat for ‘12-13 season
Page 9: The FDH Lounge Top 30 players in the NBA, Team needs, Blank mock draft sheet
Page 10: Jason Jones mock draft, Rick Morris mock draft
Page 11: FDH early predictions for NBA 2012-13, Links to highlights of top players
Page 12: Correlation of top players to NBA titles


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