Tuesday, June 14, 2011

FDH Fantasy Newsletter: Volume IV, Issue XXIII

Welcome to our 136th edition of the FDH Fantasy Newsletter, as we continue to bring you weekly fantasy sports updates in addition to our usual content on FantasyDrafthelp.com. Our archive of past editions is available right here on The FantasyDrafthelp.com Blog and specific links to past editions are available at FantasyDrafthelp.com.

This week, we serialize some features from our forthcoming draft guide PRO HOOPS DRAFTOLOGY 2011.

2011 NBA Draft Overview

After a truly abysmal NBA Draft in 2010, this year’s edition offers a bit more hope, even if much of it may taste like tangy Euro Kool-Aid.

The consensus top player is Duke PG Kyrie Irving, who lost most of his only NCAA season to a foot injury, but appears fine now. On a tier just below, most analysts slot Arizona PF/SF Derrick Williams, a skilled player who dominated in big games, but who must prove he is not a tweener at the next level. On the final tier before opinions start to wildly diverge are Kentucky PG Brandon Knight and his would-be teammate from 2010-11, PF/C Enes Kanter.

The next tier is very wide-open, but includes UConn’s hero, PG Kemba Walker, San Diego State SF Kawhi Leonard, BYU PG/SG/folk hero Jimmer Fredette, SG Klay Thompson and Big Twelve prospects SF/PF Marcus Morris of Kansas, PG/SG Alec Burks of Colorado and PF Tristan Thompson and SG/SF Jordan Hamilton. There are also some international players in the mix: athletic Czech SF/PF Jan Vesely and Lithuanian PF/Cs Donatas Motiejunas and Jonas Valanciunas. Now, remember this about the Euros: after seeing international players go first in 2002, 2005 and 2006 (Yao Ming, Andrew Bogut and Andrea Bargnani, respectively), lottery representation from this sector has been very sparse since the draft banned high school players in ‘06. Only three international players without college experience have gone in the top ten from 2006-10 and that tally should be matched or beaten with the 2011 class alone.

This year’s draft will be held in the shadow of a looming lockout. However, you can follow The 21st Century Media Alliance for coverage of this last big event before the ugliness via liveblogging, simulcast at TheFDHLounge.com, OutsideTheBoxScore.blogspot.com and other associated websites as we break down the process as only we can.

Strength of Draft by Position

Outstanding: none

Very Good: Point Guard

Good: Power Forward

Average: none

Not So Good: none

Poor: Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Center

Horrible: none

Team Needs

1 LA Clippers (NOTE 1st-round pick belongs to Cleveland): SF, PG

2 Minnesota: C

3 New Jersey (NOTE: 1st-round pick belongs to Utah): SF, PF, SG

4 Cleveland: SF, C, SG, PG

5 Toronto: SF

6 Washington: SF, C, SG, PF

7 Sacramento: SF, SG

8 Detroit: C, SF, PF, PG, SF

9 Charlotte: PF, C, PG, SF

10 Milwaukee: PF, SF

11 Golden State: C

12 Utah: SF, SG

13 Orlando (NOTE: 1st-round pick belongs to Phoenix): PF, SF

14 Houston: SF, PG, C

15 Indiana: SG, PF, C

16 Philadelphia: C

17 New York: C

18 Atlanta (NOTE: 1st-round pick belongs to Washington): PG, SF, C

19 New Orleans (NOTE: 1st-round pick belongs to Charlotte): SG, C, SF

20 Memphis (NOTE: 1st-round pick belongs to Minnesota): none

21 Portland: C, PG

22 Denver: SF, C

23 Phoenix (NOTE: 1st-round pick belongs to Houston): C, SF

24 Oklahoma City: PF, C

25 Boston: C, SG

26 Dallas: SG, C

27 LA Lakers (NOTE: 1st-round pick belongs to New Jersey): PG, SF

28 Miami (NOTE: 1st-round pick belongs to Chicago): C, PG

29 San Antonio: C, SF

30 Chicago: SG


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