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FDH Fantasy Newsletter: Volume III, Issue X

Welcome to our 75th edition of the FDH Fantasy Newsletter, as we continue to bring you weekly fantasy sports updates in addition to our usual content on Our archive of past editions is available right here on The Blog and specific links to past editions are available on the front page of

In this week's edition, we bring you Spring Training Update Notes.

Spring Training Update Notes

First and foremost, we now have online the most useful guide you could possibly want, FANTASY BASEBALL DRAFTOLOGY 2010. Here is the Table of Contents:

Page 1: Draft Philosophy Overview, Top 72 Overall
Page 2: Starting Pitcher Rankings, Draft Board Decoder, Lessons of “The Stat”
Page 3: Starting Pitcher Rankings Cont’, 2010 Don’t Be That Guy
Page 4: Starting Pitcher Rankings Cont’, Relief Pitcher Rankings, 2010 Sleepers
Page 5: Catcher Rankings, 2010 Overvalued, 2010 Undervalued, Offseason Movement Winners and Losers
Page 6: First Base Rankings, Injury Risk Management
Page 7: Second Base Rankings, Designated Hitter Rankings, 2010 Position Battle Overview
Page 8: Shortstop Rankings, 2009 Prospect Rankings, Long-Term Keeper League Prospect Rankings
Page 9: 2010 AL & NL Scarcity, 2010 Players With a Wide Range of Opinion
Page 10: Respect Mah Eligibilitah!
Page 11: Third Base Rankings, Suggested League Guidelines
Pages 12-13: Outfield Rankings
Pages 14-17: 2010 Mock Draft and Analysis
Page 18: Dollar Bin Players
Pages 19-20: Shea Stadium and Yankee Stadium Memories, Hall of Famer Andre Dawson
Pages 21-22: 2010 Topps Cards Review
Page 23: FDH Standings/Awards Predictions for 2010 MLB, FDH Minor League System Rankings
Page 24: 2010 Fantasy Overview, 2009 Legitimate Breakthroughs/Reclamation Cases

^ The major calamity of spring training involves Joe Nathan, who ended up with a torn ligament and will certainly miss the season even if he has yet to come around to that reality yet. Francisco Liriano is now under consideration for the job – possibly killing two birds with one stone, since the team now has cause to wonder if he’ll ever be the same as a starter – and he has to be considered as the co-favorite along with Jon Rauch. From there, Matt Guerrier would be next in line, followed by Pat Neshek.

^ Jose Reyes was already on thin ice with many fantasy owners after an injury-affected ’09 season. Now he’s dealing with an overactive thyroid issue, one that has yet to be set up with a definitive corrective course of action. You must assume that he will miss the first month of the season right now, probably a bit more than that.

^ Another Met, Carlos Beltran, is progressing well with his knee rehab and should be back before the end of April. Bear in mind, though, that like Reyes, Beltran is coming off of a less-than-healthy season.

^ Two more frontline fantasy players, Brandon Webb (shoulder) and Brian Roberts (back) probably will take until mid-April to be ready. Likewise, while Lance Berkman is hopeful he will be back by Opening Day, odds are that the scope job on his knee will keep him out until the middle of April as well.

^ Every player’s worth is measured by reaching a happy medium between his potential high and low points of production. Players like Dontrelle Willis are the hardest to grade because of the vast canyon between those points. While his awful recent past would have not made him even worthy of a $1 pick/super late-round pick coming into this year, his incredible start to the spring does move him up to the late-round/single-digit bid level.

^ In terms of the super-prospects: Jason Heyward looks like he will start the season in the A-T-L, while the hurlers – Stephen Strasburg and Aroldis Chapman – are looking good enough to start the season, but will probably be held back until June.


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