Saturday, January 30, 2010

FDH Fantasy Newsletter: Volume II, Issue XLXVI

Welcome to our 70th edition of the FDH Fantasy Newsletter, as we continue to bring you weekly fantasy sports updates in addition to our usual content on Our archive of past editions is available right here on The Blog and specific links to past editions are available on the front page of

In this week's edition:

^ Fantasy hockey buy low and sell high
^ Fantasy hoops buy low and sell high

Fantasy Hockey Buy Low and Sell High

^ Brad Boyes: A recent 14-game goal drought drastically suppressed the value of one of the game’s best young scorers. That’s over, not least of which due to some line shifting, and better days are ahead.
^ Nicklas Lidstrom: Great numbers for anybody else are still mediocre tallies for the greatest defenseman of our generation. As his injury-crippled team heals, so will his numbers as the skill level of his teammates increases dramatically.
^ Chris Osgood: Over the past two years, his regular season and playoff performances have diverged as greatly as anyone in the history of the game. The Wings know they will need the iceman who shockingly helped carry them last spring once they hit this year’s playoffs. Thus, his opportunities will increase down the stretch as he nears the conference quarterfinals.
^ Mike Richards: He’s getting horrible ink in Philly and his game is in the dumper. Good for you if you’re looking to acquire him, as it would probably take circumstances this dire to make him available. Swoop in, ride out the storm and then benefit when things get better, probably after the long Olympic break.
^ Bobby Ryan: The lack of a signature on a proposed contract extension has been a bit of a distraction, but he’s shown way too much talent at an early age not to have his numbers pop up soon.
^ Henrik Zetterberg: Along with Pavel Datsyuk, he will benefit enormously from getting his legions of injured teammates back and forcing defenses to play him more honestly.

^ Craig Anderson: He’s been seeing a ton of work, he just posted his fifth shutout as part of a gaudy streak and his numbers are as good as they are going to get. Take your profit now.
^ Loui Eriksson: Vast improvement can happen from one year to the next with a young player – just realize that what you’ve seen so far is about as good as it’s going to end with him at the end.
^ Jimmy Howard: See Chris Osgood – as Ozzy inevitably sees more action, Howard will have to see less.
^ Duncan Keith: He’s a leading Norris Trophy candidate and undeniably one of the reasons that Chicago has had the huge year that it has had. Just realize that he’s very unlikely to be able to continue to build on what he’s done thus far and that he is tasty trade bait.
^ Daniel and Henrik Sedin: Everyone knows how great the Sedins are – and that is not the point. But if you expect them to continue on a Crosby/Ovechkin pace on a per-game basis, you may be disappointed. You can probably really clean up for either of them.

Fantasy Hoops Buy Low and Sell High

^ LaMarcus Aldridge: Health has been an issue, but he should be OK down the stretch and he (again this year) doesn’t have to share point or rebound production with Greg Oden.
^ Devin Harris: A friend of ours in the New York media says that he has checked out mentally with the historically awful performance of the Nets. However, that is nothing that a trade won’t fix and rumors are flying. Pay close attention to them.
^ Dwight Howard: His point production is suffering due to opportunities – such as importing noted ball hog Vince Carter. The team cannot make it far in the playoffs with a marginalized franchised player – and they know it and will look to be correcting it.
^ Al Jefferson: This year has been an unexpected setback for AlJeff, but he’s getting closer to 100% on his surgically repaired knee. That’s bad news for the rest of the league.
^ Richard Jefferson: He’s sharing the ball with some other vaunted scorers in San Antone, but (temporarily) there’s one less in the mix. As Tony Parker recovers from his ankle issue, Jefferson will get the chance he needs to recover his offensive traction.
^ Kevin Martin: See Tyreke Evans – as his inevitable regression to the mean looms, Martin will get the chance to push his scoring average closer to 25.

^ Tyreke Evans: Any rookie, no matter how great, is in danger of hitting the vaunted “wall” when they push way past the number of games they’ve ever played before. Let history be your guide.
^ Allen Iverson: Philadelphia is quite frankly certifiably insane to take developmental time away from their young players in order to simply put some meat in the seats. Betting on this immense stupidity continuing throughout the course of the year is a risky proposition.
^ Brandon Jennings: See Tyreke Evans.
^ Chris Kaman: Can he sustain this level of play over a full season? He never has before.
^ Steve Nash: The point production is a tremendous surprise, but not really in line with his career trajectory or advanced mileage. Continue to bet on it at your peril.
^ Gerald Wallace: He’s always been a very good rebounder for not being a 4, but now he’s pushing into double-digits. That level is unrealistic.


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