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FDH Fantasy Newsletter: Volume II, Issue XXXII

Welcome to our 48th edition of the FDH Fantasy Newsletter, as we continue to bring you weekly fantasy sports updates in addition to our usual content on Our archive of past editions is available right here on The Blog and specific links to past editions are available on the front page of

Before we go any further, we would be remiss in failing to remind you about our brand new and free FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFTOLOGY 2009 guide, the only resource you need to dominate your league this year.

This week's newsletter is completely given over to a recap of two of the greatest words to any fantasy sports player: mock draft. On the 69th edition of THE FDH LOUNGE on (Wednesdays, 7-10 PM EDT), THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER took over the entire program as we held our sixth annual fantasy football mock draft. A “who’s who” from the Network, FDH and allied entities took part in the drafting in this order:

1 FDH Managing Partner Rick Morris
2 FDH Entertainment Editor Samantha Jones
3 STN show host Greg Kozarik
4 The FDH New York Bureau Steve Cirvello
5 Outside The Boxscore proprietor Ben Chew
6 STN show host/producer Pouyan Karbassi
7 STN President Paul Belfi
8 STN show host/producer Rob Paternite
9 FDH Lounge Dignitary Dave Adams
10 FDH Lounge host/producer Ryan Scott
11 FDH Senior Editor Jason Jones
12 STN “Intern DJ”

Guidelines were as follows:
^ Standard 12-team serpentine draft with 2 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WR flex, 1 TE, 1 D/ST, 1 K.
^ Points as follows: 6 points per rushing/receiving TD, 4 points per passing TD, 1 point per every 10 yards rushing/receiving, 1 point per every 25 yards passing, 1 point per kicking PAT, 3 points per FG (with 1 additional point at 45 yards, 2 additional points at 50 yards and 3 additional points at 55 yards), 1 point per 2-point PAT by pass, 2 points per 2-point PAT by rushing or receiving, 6 points per special teams TD, 1 point per fumble recovery, 2 points per INT.

Here’s how the event unfolded (full show audio here):

1 Rick: Adrian Peterson
2 Samantha: Michael Turner
3 Greg: Brian Westbrook
4 Steve: Matt Forte
5 Ben: Drew Brees
6 Pouyan: Tom Brady
7 Paul: Steven Jackson
8 Rob: LaDainian Tomlinson
9 Dave: Maurice Jones-Drew
10 Ryan: DeAngelo Williams
11 Jason: Larry Fitzgerald
12 DJ: Randy Moss

NOTES: There weren’t any huge surprises, although Greg taking Westbrook third overall comes closest. Pouyan is obviously counting on Brady picking up where he left off in 2007. Steven Jackson was a really good value for Paul.

1 DJ: Steve Slaton
2 Jason: Andre Johnson
3 Ryan: Calvin Johnson
4 Dave: Peyton Manning
5 Rob: Chris Johnson
6 Paul: Philip Rivers
7 Pouyan: Frank Gore
8 Ben: Marion Barber
9 Steve: Reggie Wayne
10 Greg: Brandon Jacobs
11 Samantha: Clinton Portis
12 Rick: Marques Colston

NOTES: DJ had a nice couple of rounds to open the draft, but this was his most questionable pick. Jason went back-to-back on WR big guns with Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson. Dave got a sweet value in Peyton Manning, who many are sleeping on this year. Paul’s Philip Rivers selection really dumbfounded the room, coming as high as it did.

1 Rick: Kurt Warner
2 Samantha: Steve Smith
3 Greg: Greg Jennings
4 Steve: Ryan Grant
5 Ben: Terrell Owens
6 Pouyan: Thomas Jones
7 Paul: Ronnie Brown
8 Rob: Donovan McNabb
9 Dave: Pierre Thomas
10: Ryan: Roddy White
11 Jason: Carson Palmer
12 DJ: Anquan Boldin

NOTES: This wasn’t a very noteworthy round, except for perhaps the last three picks. Ryan got a nice value in White, DJ got a great value in Boldin and Jason may have reached a bit for Palmer.

1 DJ: Aaron Rodgers
2 Jason: Chad Ochocinco
3 Ryan: Beanie Wells
4 Dave: TJ Houshmandzadeh
5 Rob: Braylon Edwards
6 Paul: Dwayne Bowe
7 Pouyan: Wes Welker
8 Ben: Jonathan Stewart
9 Steve: Tony Gonzalez
10 Greg: Jay Cutler
11 Samantha: Willie Parker
12 Rick: Darren McFadden

NOTES: Ryan got some “oohs” and “ahhs” with the Beanie pick, but the value was pretty close to the FDH board. Greg and Samantha each reached a bit for their picks, especially considering that we were only in the late fourth round.

1 Rick: Jason Witten
2 Samantha: Hines Ward
3 Greg: Antonio Gates
4 Steve: Brandon Marshall
5 Ben: Donald Driver
6 Pouyan: Lee Evans
7 Paul: Tony Romo
8 Rob: Roy Williams
9 Dave: DeSean Jackson
10 Ryan: Dallas Clark
11 Jason: Larry Johnson
12 DJ: Kevin Smith

NOTES: The fifth round seemed to be a place for many people to realize value, especially Steve (with Marshall), Pouyan (with Evans), Rob (with Roy Williams) and especially DJ (with Kevin Smith). Paul made sure he had the best 1-2 QB combo by taking Romo here; again, the question is what price he will pay for spending two of his top five picks in that area and in going so high on Rivers. In an amusing note, Jason’s LJ pick came after he got bypassed by both of DJ’s picks because the one-minute clock expired and DJ jumped ahead in line.

1 DJ: Matt Ryan
2 Jason: Pittsburgh D/ST
3 Ryan: Matt Schaub
4 Dave: Joseph Addai
5 Rob: LenDale White
6 Paul: Jamal Lewis
7 Pouyan: Ben Roethlisberger
8 Ben: Marshawn Lynch
9 Steve: Santonio Holmes
10 Greg: Jerricho Cotchery
11 Samantha: Eli Manning
12 Rick: Knowshon Moreno

NOTES: Jamal Lewis was a good bargain for Paul, but all in all, this round featured very few of them.

1 Rick: Kevin Walter
2 Samantha: New York Giants D/ST
3 Greg: San Diego D/ST
4 Steve: Kyle Orton
5 Ben: Matt Cassell
6 Pouyan: Reggie Bush
7 Paul: Minnesota D/ST
8 Rob: Matt Hasselbeck
9 Dave: Baltimore D/ST
10 Ryan: Tennessee D/ST
11 Jason: Owen Daniels
12 DJ: Greg Olson

NOTES: By this point, Reggie Bush ended up being a really nice value for Pouyan. Greg’s San Diego D/ST pick was a head-scratcher.

1 DJ: Le’Ron McClain
2 Jason: Trent Edwards
3 Ryan: Chad Pennington
4 Dave: Chris Cooley
5 Rob: John Carlson
6 Paul: Kellen Winslow
7 Pouyan: Jeremy Shockey
8 Ben: Heath Miller
9 Steve: Jake Delhomme
10 Greg: Bernard Berrian
11 Samantha: Jeff Reed
12 Rick: David Garrard

NOTES: With the mediocre TEs and backup QBs flying off the boards here, there wasn’t much unusual to note. Bernard Berrian was a pretty nice value for Greg.

1 Rick: Stephen Gostkowski
2 Samantha: Joe Flacco
3 Greg: Kerry Collins
4 Steve: Philadelphia D/ST
5 Ben: Dallas D/ST
6 Pouyan: New York Jets D/ST
7 Paul: Rob Bironas
8 Rob: New England D/ST
9 Dave: Jason Campbell
10 Ryan: Ryan Longwell
11 Jason: Willis McGahee
12 DJ: Chicago D/ST

NOTES: Rick was pretty fortunate to get the top kicker on the FDH board here. Jason passed on some pretty good value to take McGahee at this point.

1 DJ: Nate Kaeding
2 Jason: David Akers
3 Ryan: Eddie Royal
4 Dave: Mason Crosby
5 Rob: Phil Dawson
6 Paul: Vincent Jackson
7 Pouyan: Nick Folk
8 Ben: Kris Brown
9 Steve: Neil Rackers
10 Greg: Garrett Hartley
11 Samantha: Brandon Pettigrew
12 Rick: Carolina D/ST

NOTES: Paul’s Vincent Jackson pick was one of the best values of the night. Samantha’s Brandon Pettigrew selection was very risky, especially in a one-TE league.


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