Monday, September 01, 2008

Last-minute fantasy football note (unreported)

We want to bring to your attention a rumor floating around in Cleveland, one that we who work with have heard from two different sources: Derek Anderson's concussion is alleged to be accompanied by a separated shoulder. This rumor has been addressed publicly by two terrestrial radio hosts in Cleveland, a non-credible individual who poo-pooed it and a much more credible one who hinted that this issue may show up on the NFL Week One injury list (which must be completely truthful and complete at risk of substantial fines by the league). There is no way to know for sure right now exactly how much credence to give this story, but inasmuch as nobody else in the fantasy sports universe is covering it, we felt that the only responsible option for us was to put it in your hands so that you might still factor it into your considerations if you deem it appropriate.


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