Wednesday, August 27, 2008

FDH Insider August 27 -- another 3-hour special

This Wednesday night marks the third and final three-hour edition of THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER (7-10 PM EDT on as we await next Wednesday night’s season debut of the FDH hockey show THE GOON SQUAD during the 9 PM EDT hour. But tonight’s fantasy program covers the fantasy landscape as usual while reserving extra time for those fantasy football owners still awaiting their draft or auction.

We start the show by reviewing the outcome of our recent fantasy Olympics draft. We are huge believers at FDH in enjoying fantasy sports not merely when they are applied in the traditional ways to major sports, but also when they are utilized to lend more enjoyment to niche sports. We will then take our first preview of our hockey mock draft, which we will disseminate on the show on September 10.

From there, we delve into two concepts for the end of the fantasy baseball season that could also be applied to fantasy hoops and fantasy hockey because they also have long-form seasons: the fantasy autopsy and the analysis of the year’s ultimate buy-low candidate.

Then, a bit into Hour Two, we turn to fantasy football first by expanding upon last week’s discussion of the auction format. How should you adjust your dollar-spending strategies as the event progresses? From there, we get into another specific sub-type of auction league: keeper-style! There are more lessons to be applied with that format.

Later in Hour Two, we examine a number of mock drafts in addition to our own from this program two weeks ago and we identify overvalued and undervalued players by these measures. Later, in Hour Three, we review this week’s Bill Simmons/Matthew Berry podcast on – so you don’t have to! Seriously, though, as much as we bag on “Roto” when we feel it’s appropriate, he made about an equal number of valid and absolutely ludicrous points, and we’ll sort out his advice for you.

Be sure to join us for the FDH Wednesday night bloc, only on!


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