Wednesday, February 13, 2008

FDH Insider: February 14, 2008

The St. Valentine's Day Massacre culminates with the fastest-moving two hours of talk on the channel each week: THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER (Thursday, 9-11 PM EST). Following the debut of the new FDH Enterprises, LLC programs THE GOON SQUAD (covering hockey from 7-8 PM EST) and SEVENTH INNING SLOUCH (covering baseball from 8-9 PM EST), the Insider comes your way at its usual time.

In the first hour, we're going to carry over the fantasy baseball talk from the end of Slouch, touching on so many different articles and lists you'll find in our free fantasy baseball draft guide, which will be coming out in the next week.

In Hour Two, we continue the baseball discussion until halfway through, when we segue into some last-minute NASCAR Draft Day tips (including, of course, downloading our awesome FREE draft guide) and then a preview of a HIGHLY unconventional fantasy draft we have coming up on our FDH Lounge program on February 24.

Join us for the better-than-ever Thursday fun all night on!


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