Thursday, January 31, 2008

FDH Insider: January 31, 2008

On tonight’s edition of THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on (9-11 PM EST), we bring you an unbelievable mock draft doubleheader. Our NASCAR experts’ league mock draft comes in Hour One and our annual golf draft follows in Hour Two.

Will Tiger Woods go first in the golf draft? Well, that may not be a matter of much suspense, but we will sort through a multitude of vital issues on the stock car and golf circuits tonight.

Tune in for all of the information you need to whip your friends and leaguemates tonight! Our golf draft board and suggested league guidelines are here. Our golf mock draft will be posted on our main golf page and our NASCAR mock draft will be part of our 2008 Fantasy Draft Guide, to be made available for FREE on February 4.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

FDH Insider: January 24, 2008

Our program on was canceled, due to circumstances on the STN end. We'll be back at our usual time of 9-11 PM EST next Thursday, January 31 with our 2008 golf and NASCAR mock drafts and we apologize for our absence tonight.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

FDH Insider: January 17, 2008

Sorry for the abbreviated agenda tonight. We lead with the MMA fantasy draft, then further NFL fantasy football recap, a look ahead to the NFL draft and also to other programming notes with FDH. Join us on

Thursday, January 10, 2008

FDH Insider: January 10, 2008

Tonight's return to the cyberairwaves will be a big one for THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER (9-11 PM EST on The fastest-paced program on STN each week will be jam-packed with several topics from the entire fantasy sports landscape as usual:

9:00: It's that time of year again! With the Australian Open looming just days away, it's time for our annual fantasy tennis mock draft. Tonight begins a stretch of mock drafts for niche fantasy sports over the next few months, including next week's big MMA draft.

9:55: If it's January, it's time to get hardcore about fantasy baseball preparation. Tonight, we look at the Top 100 Keeper League prospects.

10:20: We begin to look back at lessons learned from the 2007 fantasy football season. Tonight: how this year changed the perception of running backs automatically going in the first round.

10:40: We ease into our 2008 NFL Draft preparation with a review of some of the content on our FDH Lounge blog.

Tune us in tonight for the greatest two hours of fantasy coverage you will find anywhere.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

First version of 2008 baseball keeper rankings

EDITED TO CORRECT TYPO: Fernando Martinez was initially omitted from the ratings by accident and Brett Anderson's trade to Oakland was not reflected.

NOTE: This Top 100 list is based on the upsides of the players, balanced by the likelihood of reaching that potential. A final version of these rankings will end up in our 2008 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide.

First Tier
1. Jay Bruce (OF, Cincinnati)
2. Justin Upton (OF, Arizona)
3. Clayton Kershaw (LHP, Los Angeles Dodgers)
4. Cameron Maybin (OF, Florida)
5. Colby Rasmus (OF, St. Louis)
6. Clay Buchholz (RHP, Boston)
7. Johnny Cueto (RHP, Cincinnati)
8. Homer Bailey (RHP, Cincinnati)
9. Andrew McCutchen (OF, Pittsburgh)
10. Travis Snider (OF, Toronto)
11. Steven Pearce (1B, Pittsburgh)
12. Chase Headley (3B, San Diego)
13. Ian Kennedy (RHP, New York Yankees)
14. Joey Votto (1B, Cincinnati)
15. Brandon Jones (OF, Atlanta)
16. Andy LaRoche (3B, Los Angeles Dodgers)
17. Adam Miller (RHP, Cleveland)
18. David Price (LHP, Tampa Bay)
19. Matt Antonelli (2B, San Diego)
20. Evan Longoria (3B, Tampa Bay)
21. Wade Davis (RHP, Tampa Bay)
22. Manny Parra (LHP, Milwaukee)
23. Jake McGee (RHP, Tampa Bay)
24. Jeff Clement (C, Seattle)
25. Michael Burges (OF, Washington)
26. Carlos Gonzalez (OF, Oakland)
27. Reid Brignac (SS, Tampa Bay)
28. J.R. Towles (C, Houston)
29. Jordan Schaefer (OF, Atlanta)
30. Ian Stewart (3B, Colorado)
31. Gio Gonzalez (RHP, Oakland)
32. Adam Jones (OF, Seattle)
33. Greg Reynolds (RHP, Colorado)
34. Fernando Martinez (OF, New York Mets)

Second Tier
35. Franklin Morales (RHP, Colorado)
36. Edinson Volquez (RHP, Texas)
37. Wladimir Balentien (OF, Seattle)
38. Hank Conger (C, Los Angeles Angels)
39. Carlos Carrasco (RHP, Philadelphia)
40. Brandon Wood (3B, Los Angeles Angels)
41. Geovany Soto (C, Chicago Cubs)
42. Luke Hochevar (RHP, Kansas City)
43. Nick Adenhart (RHP, Los Angeles Angels)
44. Chris Davis (3B, Texas)
45. Jeff Larish (1B, Detroit)
46. Chin-Lung Hu (SS, Los Angeles Dodgers)
47. Nate Schierholz (OF, San Francisco)
48. Humberto Sanchez (RHP, New York Yankees)
49. Jonathan Meloan (RHP, Los Angeles Dodgers)
50. Chris Nelson (SS, Colorado)
51. Chad Hoffman (OF, San Diego)
52. John Bowker (OF, San Francisco)
53. Jair Jurrjens (RHP, Atlanta)
54. Nolan Reimold (OF, Baltimore)
55. Scott Elbert (LHP, Los Angeles Dodgers)
56. Austin Jackson (OF, New York Yankees)
57. Taylor Teagarden (C, Texas)
58. Chris Marrero (OF, Washington)
59. Brian Buscher (3B, Minnesota)
60. Eric Hurley (RHP, Texas)
61. Chris Tillman (RHP, Seattle)
62. Henry Sosa (RHP, San Francisco)
63. Tyler Colvin (OF, Chicago Cubs)
64. Andrew Carpenter (RHP, Philadelphia)
65. Rick Porcello (RHP, Detroit)
66. Eric Patterson (2B, Chicago Cubs)
67. Brett Anderson (LHP, Oakland)
68. Joe Savery (LHP, Philadelphia)
69. Matt La Porta (1B, Milwaukee)
70. P.J. Walters (RHP, St. Louis)
71. James McDonald (RHP, Los Angeles Dodgers)
72. Deolis Guerra (RHP, New York Mets)

Third Tier
73. Jordan Brown (1B, Cleveland)
74. Faustino de los Santos (RHP, Oakland)
75. Phillip Humber (RHP, New York Mets)
76. Justin Maxwell (OF, Washington)
77. Chris Coghlan (2B, Florida)
78. Nick Blackburn (RHP, Minnesota)
79. Dan Meyer (RHP, Oakland)
80. Max Scherzer (RHP, Arizona)
81. Carlos Triunfel (SS, Seattle)
82. Radhames Liz (RHP, Baltimore)
83. Anthony Swarzak (RHP, Minnesota)
84. Terry Evans (OF, Los Angeles Angels)
85. Brent Lillibridge (SS, Atlanta)
86. Bubba Bell (OF, Boston)
87. Sergio Santos (SS, Toronto)
88. German Duran (2B, Texas)
89. Brent Carroll (OF, Florida)
90. Delwyn Young (OF, Los Angeles Dodgers)
91. Billy Buckner (RHP, Arizona)
92. Joe Koshansky (1B, Colorado)
93. Jose Tabata (OF, New York Yankees)
94. Kyle Blanks (1B, San Diego)
95. Aaron Poreda (LHP, Chicago White Sox)
96. Travis Denker (2B, San Francisco)
97. Jed Lowrie (SS, Boston)
98. Kola Kaahiue (1B, Atlanta)
99. Matt Harrison (RHP, Texas)
100. Mat Gamel (3B, Milwaukee)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

January 3 FDH Insider program cancelled

We apologize for the fact that our program is not being broadcast tonight due to technical issues at Please join us next Thursday night from 9-11 PM in our normal time slot. Again, we are sorry that we could not appear for you tonight due to issues from STN.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

FDH Insider: January 3, 2008

It's a new year, but the intensity will be at the usual high level on THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on this Thursday night from 9-11 PM EST.

9 PM: We'll be taking our first look back at the 2007 fantasy football season, extracting the lessons that can already be learned even before the offseason gets underway.

10:10 PM: Speaking of the offseason, we've been hard at work during the bowl games monitoring the draft value of top college players. We'll give you your first look this year on the show at how these players rate and who are the few who might affect your fantasy bottom line next year.

10:45 PM: We take a look ahead to next week's tennis draft, which includes men & women players and comes just before the start of the Australian Open.

Tune in for the fastest-paced two hours you will find each week on STN!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007-2008 NFL postseason fantasy draft board


1. Brady

2. Romo

3. P. Manning

4. Favre

5. Garrard

6. Garcia

7. T. Collins

8. Hasselbeck

9. Roethlisberger

10. E. Manning


1. Maroney

2. Barber

3. Grant

4. Addai

5. Tomlinson

6. Jones-Drew

7. Taylor

8. Portis

9. White

10. Graham


1. R. Moss

2. Welker

3. Owens

4. Stallworth

5. Wayne

6. Jennings

7. Harrison

8. Driver

9. Galloway

10. Engram


1. Witten

2. Clark

3. Watson

4. Cooley

5. Gates

6. Lee

7. Miller

8. Lewis

9. Scaife

10. Utecht


1. Gostkowski

2. Folk

3. Vinatieri

4. Scobee

5. Crosby

6. Bironas

7. Bryant

8. J. Brown

9. Suisham

10. Kaeding


1. New England

2. Green Bay

3. Indianapolis

4. Jacksonville

5. Dallas

6. Tampa Bay

7. Tennessee

8. Washington

9. Pittsburgh

10. New York Giants


1. Brady

2. Moss

3. Welker

4. Maroney

5. Romo

6. Owens

7. Barber

8. P. Manning

9. Favre

10. Grant

11. Stallworth

12. Addai

13. Wayne

14. Gostkowski

15. Witten

16. Tomlinson

17. Jennings

18. Clark

19. Folk

20. Harrison

21. Jones-Drew

22. New England Defense/Special Teams

23. Vinatieri

24. Watson

25. Driver