Sunday, July 01, 2007

FDH Lounge Show #11: July 1, 2007

Tonight, on the 11th live edition of THE FDH LOUNGE on, we bring you a very special broadcast outside our normal format. While normally we talk about any and all subjects in the world during our three-hour show, tonight, in the aftermath of the horrible Chris Benoit situation, we're all pro wrestling, all the time. We have with us our newest additions to the Dignitary list in the FDH Lounge: Ryan Ward, Kyle Ross, Jake Digman and Mike Ptak.

All of these individuals have a long history of covering pro wrestling for STC and Ryan and Kyle in particular were the longtime hosts of SUNDAY NIGHT SUBMISSION, the premier "smart mark" wrestling show on the Internet. Ryan and Kyle are bringing back SNS as occasional segments within the FDH Lounge, and tonight the entire show is being turned over to the STC wrestling reunion crowd.

On the STC message boards, where tonight's show has become the most eagerly anticipated on all of STC in the past several months, Ryan posted a rundown of what listeners can expect. It is reproduced as follows:

Benoit Tragedy:
-a look at Benoit the person and wrestler, and now legacy
-WWE's position and Vince McMahon and what he is and isn't at fault for
-Changing the culture of WWE
-How this is reminicent of another dark period for WWE
-The media's coverage of the Benoit tragedy(Geraldo I'm looking at you)
-Vince McMahon's responsibilty now
-The Pro Wrestling "culture" and "lifestyle"
-Looking back at other wrestling deaths and what Vince McMahon said then
-WWE's business takes a hit and what's to come
-WWE's future and what really needs to happen in light of this and more.

Half-Year Review:
-A look at WWE programming, pushes, the draft, the injury situation
-TNA's total creative collapse until recently
-The 2 stars who quit 2 weeks ago and how this ties into the Benoit situation(not related but how the promotions treat wrestlers)
-ROH's decision to move onto PPV, the good, bad, and what's next
-TNA pulls talent from ROH
-The death of Sherri Martel and the stupidity of linking it with Benoit's(still looking at Geraldo, toolbox)
-PPV analysis and more.

Old School Discussion:
-Kyle and I have been watching a TON of old school stuff and we'll let you know what it was, what's good, what was terrible and stuff you should try to get
-Differences between then and now
-How badly we miss WCW no matter how bad they were run and more.


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