Thursday, July 12, 2007

The FDH Insider is back tonight!

Fresh off our break for the five-day Independence Day holiday weekend, THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER returns tonight (9-11 PM EDT) on with another installment of the fastest-paced two hours on STC each week:

9 PM: Our good buddy Ray Flowers from joins us for another of his outstanding fantasy baseball analysis segments. Where should you buy low and sell high? How should you prepare for the stretch run of your league? We'll help you out.

9:40 PM: Fire up the kitchen appliances, it's time for hot stove hockey ...

10:00 PM: ... and hot stove hoops as we take a look at the intense offseason positioning underway and the fantasy implications for next year.

10:20 PM: The "experts'" draft board is a key component of our draft board preparation at FDH. Tonight, we'll examine a few players about whom there is a vast disparity of opinion ...

10:40 PM: ... and we'll tell you a few players about whom the "experts" in the media are providing a surprising consensus and why we agree with them.

That's right, we're hitting all four of the Big Four sports tonight on The FDH Insider -- don't miss it!


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