Sunday, June 03, 2007

FDH Lounge Show #9: June 3, 2007

Tonight's ninth edition of THE FDH LOUNGE program on promises the usual assortment of everything you have come to expect.

In Hour One, we take a look at what happens to the Republicans in 2008 and beyond with George Bush's failed presidency poisoning everything it touches. Later, our panel examines a head-busting approach one major city is applying to the problem of chronic urban crime.

Hour Two features our movie coverage. Did our Dignitaries enjoy the new Pirates movie any more than Superman III? Also, the Conspiracy Theory segment covers a plot more fiendish than anything the Soviets ever dreamed up: the NBA lottery and we take our "halftime look" at tonight's WWE pay-per-view, One Night Stand.

In Hour Three, we preview the coming NBA Finals between your Cleveland Cavaliers (YAY -- editorial comment there) and the San Antonio Spurs and the various sub-plots that will be on display. Additionally, we'll look at the third consecutive Sun Belt vs. Canada matchup, aka The Stanley Cup. All that and much, much more as we come at you live and worldwide with THE FDH LOUNGE.


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