Sunday, June 17, 2007

FDH Lounge Show #10: June 17, 2007

EDIT: One more addition tonight: just prior to our FDH LOUNGE Movie Spotlight in Hour Two, we will examine the Sopranos finale and how it rates against other last episodes in TV history.

Happy Fathers' Day, everyone! The FDH LOUNGE on returns for its 10th show extravaganza tonight from 8-11 PM EDT with its usual soup-to-nuts assessment of what's going on in the world.

In Hour One, we cast an eye at the political question nobody is asking because of the sensitivity of it. If nominated for president, will Hillary Clinton be negatively affected by the strong probability that she would be serving with Nancy Pelosi as speaker for at least one more term? Supporters of these politicians call them strong women, opponents have harsher assessments, but most would agree that the American people view them in very similar terms. Is the notion of these two women at the helm of the American government a bridge too far? Also, we examine distressing events in the world of sports entertainment. In its latest desperate attempt to gain mainstream attention, the WWE is proceeding with an angle in which Vince McMahon was allegedly killed in an exploding limo. The WWE website has been full of coverage all week long about this idiotic storyline, while paying scant attention to the real-life passing this week of WWE Hall of Famer Sherri Martel (also known as "Sensational Sherri," "Queen Sherri," etc.). In an industry where people die prematurely at a sadly predictable rate, was the WWE asking for trouble by trying to push this angle?

This conversation will lead into Hour Two, which will also feature our FDH Movie Spotlight of the Week and our Conspiracy Theory segment of the week, which concerns ESPN's efforts to control every corner of the world of sports. Plus, in our News Nuggets segment, Paris goes back to the hole, Bob Barker endorses a successor and an Applebees takes underage drinking to a new extreme.

In Hour Three, we examine the on-court fallout from the NBA Finals as well as the ESPN/ABC attempts to milk the Tony Parker-Eva Longoria nuptuals for perceived ratings gold.

Join us for all this and more as the Dignitaries of THE FDH LOUNGE converge for the 10th time to break down anything and everything tonight at 8 PM EDT on!


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