Thursday, June 21, 2007

FDH Insider returns in a big way tonight

We've been off for two weeks, but THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER (9-11 PM EDT on returns in a huge way tonight as we cover all the bases in the world of fantasy sports:

9 PM EDT: We begin a new chapter in our coverage of fantasy baseball as we introduce our new segment with our good buddy Ray Flowers. Regular STC listeners will remember that Ray and I have long been affiliated, as we were each with the mothership and our friend Pat Luft back in the day. As this wild and crazy world has led us in different directions, Ray has still made appearances on STC and we have stayed friends looking for opportunities to work together. With Ray in the fold for regular appearances on our fantasy show, we are taking our fantasy sports coverage to our highest level yet. Ray is one of the most published writers in the fantasy sports industry, appearing in and countless other websites and publications. Now, with, he has complete creative control and is proving what he can do at the helm of a respected operation. He is a great addition to our program and I am proud to have he and his website affiliated with the FDH family.

9:30 PM: Our standard deviation from the mean statistic, which sounds like quite a mouthful, is actually a very easy-to-understand concept which is scientifically proven and a large part of our foundation. We have crunched our numbers for the next football, basketball and hockey seasons and we will share our findings with you for these three sports, in addition to going over the concept with you again.

10:45 PM: We preview our coverage of next Thursday's NBA Draft.

Also, we would be remiss if we did not share an absolutely awesome dissection of the ESPN ethos, albeit from a wimpy worshipper of the hated Divealanche.


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