Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A draft doubleheader!

The February 8 edition of THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER (Thursdays, 9-11 PM on will feature two very big mock drafts for 2007: NASCAR and golf.

But, first, a special side note: our lead-in, NORTHCOAST HOCKEY TONIGHT, hosted by myself and Paul Teeple, will not air at the usual time of 7-9 PM EST. Instead, we will air from 5:30-8 PM as we broadcast a first-round game of the Baron Cup, the Cleveland city high school championship and one of the most prestigious youth hockey titles in the country.

But we begin the INSIDER in the usual manner, with some fantasy hockey talk at 9 PM. From there:

9:05 PM: 2007 NASCAR mock draft.

9:55 PM: 2007 golf mock draft.

10:30 PM: More fantasy baseball draft/auction preparation.

Speaking of which, the FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM 2007 FANTASY BASEBALL DRAFT GUIDE is now available by two means! It’s available for $5 through:

^ Paypal via the following account: rmorris AT (substitute @ for AT)

^ Check or cash received at the following address:, Attn: Rick Morris, 5500 South Marginal Rd., Suite 203, Cleveland, OH 44103


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