Thursday, February 01, 2007

All around the fantasy sports landscape tonight

So, in other words, just another day at the office for THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on (Thursdays, 9-11 PM EST):

9 PM: We conclude our fantasy hockey talk carryover from the previous FDH program NORTHCOAST HOCKEY TONIGHT.
9:05 PM: We look ahead to next week's fantasy golf mock draft on the program.
9:15 PM: We look ahead to next week's fantasy NASCAR mock draft on the program (that's right, a draft doubleheader next week -- don't worry, we will still do fantasy baseball preview material as well).
9:30 PM: We unveil our first NFL mock draft, courtesy of my partner Jason Jones.
9:50 PM: Our fantasy baseball preview continues, first with an examination of the vast disparity in the perceived value of different players by different publications and websites.
10:15 PM: We bring you our list of the most undervalued and overvalued baseball players of 2007 according to our "experts' board" compiled from different publications and websites.

Many thanks also to those of you who tuned in for our second FDH LOUNGE program on STC last Sunday, and we return with Episode #3 on Sunday night, February 11.


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