Saturday, January 27, 2007

FDH Lounge Show #2: January 28, 2007

The FDH LOUNGE returns live and in living color this Sunday night, January 28 on the mighty, mighty The Dignitaries of the FDH LOUNGE will be breaking down all kinds of topics during our timeslot of 7:30 to 11:30 PM EST. This is, of course, the four-hour intermission of the pro wrestling show we absolutely love, SUNDAY NIGHT SUBMISSION. Here's what we've got on tap for you this week:

Opening statements
Rebuttal to Dignitary Nathan Noy's show#1 homophobia
Tomfoolery from The Office
Paul Belfi Wimp or Pimp (for liking Rick Springfield)

Dr. Cox Rant of the Week
State of the Union recap/presidential candidacy announcements/Dignitary straw poll for president
Interview with Bill Roggio from about his embed reporting from Iraq

Wrestling pay-per-view halftime report
Review of "If Professional Wrestling Rewrote American History"
FDH Comic of the Week
FDH Spotlight Movie of the Week
Sports roundtable dealing with frontrunner fans

"Be True to Your School" forum question of the week
Super Bowl game/media/commercials preview
Closing question in which each Dignitary names the best show on TV right now

We are excited about the entire agenda, but the interview with Bill Roggio stands out like nothing else. The premier military blogger and columnist writing today, Bill has just returned from another trip to Iraq -- this time accompanying troops on a dangerous training mission in the Anbar province. He will bring a perspective about the Iraq war the likes of which nobody can match.

And we will have a lot of fun with the "Be True to Your School" segment. In short, Dignitaries Chris Galloway, Burrell Jackson, Paul Teeple and I are all Ohio University alums. When our team tangles with Ohio State next year in football, Paul will NOT be rooting for old alma mater. His fellow Bobcats will be coming for our pound of flesh on that segment (side note: I'll be in the Horseshoe for that game, but wearing my green and white as the obnoxious "heel road fan" just like I was back in '99).

Don't be the only person at the water cooler Monday morning who missed out on all of the fun. Catch us Sunday night on STC!


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