Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007 is another great year for Fantasy Drafthelp

We have much, much fun for you again tonight on THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on at 9 PM EDT:

9 PM: We carry over our hockey talk from the end of the previous FDH-produced show, NORTHCOAST HOCKEY TONIGHT. Tonight, we focus on midseason fantasy surprises.

9:15 PM: Non-traditional fantasy sports can be fun. We'll catch up on our NCAA football bowl draft.

9:35 PM: More non-traditional fantasy sports in the realm of our NCAA hoops draft. How are we all doing at this point in the season and how can you still set up a league? We'll cover it all.

9:50 PM: Time to look ahead a tad. Next week's show will include our tennis draft for 2007 and our first big NASCAR segment of the year with our new NASCAR contributor, Mike Ptak.

10:00 PM: Another look ahead -- the PGA season starts in Hawaii this weekend. Next month, we'll be holding our 2007 golf draft. We will preview the landscape of the sport.

10:10 PM: Postseason NFL fantasy football. We've got your draft board here and we will give you our thoughts.

10:30 PM: Our first look back at the 2006 NFL fantasy season.


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