Sunday, December 10, 2006

NFL Week 14 game-by-game notes

Here's some good bets to play in each of the games this weekend, as usual veering away from the blatantly obvious.

EDIT: Removing Joe Horn as he is now very unlikely to play.

Atlanta vs Tampa Bay: Michael Jenkins
Baltimore vs Kansas City: Steve McNair, Derrick Mason
Buffalo vs New York Jets: Leon Washington
Indianapolis vs Jacksonville: David Garrard
Minnesota vs Detroit: Kevin Jones
New England vs Miami: Joey Harrington, Chris Chambers (not the every-week gimme starter he appeared at the beginning of the year)
New Orleans vs Dallas: Terry Glenn
New York Giants vs Carolina: DeAngelo Williams
Oakland vs Cincinnati: Chris Henry
Philadelphia vs Washington: Donte Stallworth
Tennessee vs Houston: Vince Young
Green Bay vs San Francisco: Alex Smith, Antonio Bryant
Seattle vs Arizona: Deion Branch
Denver vs San Diego: Philip Rivers
Chicago vs St Louis: Ike Bruce


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